Mind Body Meditations for Weight and Health

If you caught my commercial about weight loss meditations you've come to the right place! My years of experience with weight loss, fitness, and channeled insights led me to create these weight health meditations to help you transform your subconscious emotions while you navigate your life.

I recommend you listen to the meditation every day at least once a day for 21 Days to 6 Weeks for best results. The changes will be subtle at first (which is important to not disrupt the subconscious mind sense of balance) but you will find it easier to create new healthier habits and feel a striking difference from how you used to function.

Each meditation has:

Soothing led visualizations

Reiki Energy Infused 

Binaural beats to induce a meditative state

Angel Guidance

The Emotion Oracle

If you've experienced weight gain from the past it is because of certain unconsciously held emotions that have not yet been transformed. If you know what emotions are holding you back from your weight health then scroll down to purchase and then download your appropriate meditation. 

If you are not certain what emotion has been your weight loss blocker, then click the play button on the video below. Hover, your cursor over the pause button and breathe. Close your eyes and ask your subconscious mind what emotion needs transforming now for your inner peace and preparation for your weight health goals. You can say something like "Subconscious mind which emotion needs transformation so I can attain my weight loss goals?" When it feels right click the pause button and my Emotion Oracle will stop on the emotion you should focus on first. Then proceed to scroll down to purchase and then down load your meditation for Peace and Weight Health.

The MindBody Mastery 
Weight Loss Meditations

Transform Depression
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Transform Fear
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Transform Anger
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Making Peace With Weight Loss
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