What Will You Master This Month?

Happy July!! So many of my clients go on vacation, or spend time with family. Maybe plan a self-care getaway to refocus your attention on things that matter or are important to you.

The summer for many of us holds fantastic opportunity. For some it may mean time to read the book you’ve always wanted to read, time to dabble in a favorite hobby, time to reflect on family, friends, and your blessings. Things (all things) tend to slow down a little in the summer. So many of my clients go on vacation, or spend time with family.

Since my schedule does slow down every summer I use the time the best way I know how. I was a professional illustrator in my twenties, so I love grabbing my notebook and a pencil and drawing all things, any thing, but I especially adore drawing the human body. Last year I devoted my summer to experiment with acrylic paint instead of drawing. I now feel as though I have mastered certain aspect of painting the human body with acrylics. I felt that was worth my time. I chose to develop that skill.

If you had to manifest or master anything what would it be? Would you opt to lose weight, be financially free, find love, purpose, motivation, or peace? Take a moment and write it down, not just the goals but every detail about that goal. What does it look like, where are you when you attain it, what are you wearing, looking at, who are you with, where do you live, how do you spend most of your time? Why haven’t you done this thing already? What is holding you back from success in any or all of these areas? Write it all down.

You might be wondering why I’m asking these questions, why do I care about how happy, and fulfilled you are right now? Your next question might be, what do I get out of your success, what is my motivation for your happiness? …I know I’ve been there, I’m a skeptical New Yorker at heart. There's not much that I actually “buy” into. No I don’t automatically click on curious photos in my FB messenger, or on videos on IG. I do not respond well to incessant emails, phone calls or texts from people I don’t know. I’ve even been known to block stupid weight loss or “work from home and make millions” ads on social media as I know they are selling snake oil basically. I know you do that too. That’s why I really don’t like wasting your time with useless things I know won’t help you.

So why am I still so concerned about your health, wellbeing, prosperity, love or fulfillment? What’s in it for me? Well it’s because I see you. If you are reading this it’s likely that we’ve either worked out together, I may have trained you, given you healing, subconscious conversation or given you a psychic reading. I’ve seen your suffering, I see your frustration, I see your fear, and depression. I know who you are and what your potential reality really is.

All of this came up recently as I gathered client examples for a new book proposal I was writing (none of your names were mentioned). Your stories were incredible, they were fascinating and heart opening. However, I felt they weren’t finished. I felt that there was maybe something more I could do to help you get to where God had really intended for you to be. So this is your wake up call. This is your moment to breathe and feel your soul calling. This is an opportunity to hear your body-mind speak it’s truth.

We are bombarded day after day with advertising, marketing, cell phones, televisions, radios blasting things that aren’t necessarily in our best interests. This was something that I channeled in a session and write about in my book.

Metatron Speaking as Enoch:

"We are whole in human form, we are complete. Much of our mistakes happen when we are surrounded by beliefs that are not congruent with our selves, our souls or our truth. We accept who we are until someone tells us we are wrong and then they find a vice to support that belief. If you are seeking your truth, that truth will never be found outside of you.”

It can be confusing, even when we do have a clear directive, or a goal, to know exactly what path will lead us to it. This is why I’m writing this blog right now. I believe it’s important to find your authentic and specific answers within yourself. You might be asking, “Well that’s great but how do I do that?” We can’t depend on someone else’s solutions to our problems, nor can we hope to get to a goal without some kind of concerted effort on our part.

So how can you get your goal? You could just repeat being who you are, which is probably going to produce the same results you have right now. You could try a solution that your friend wants you to try but her or his past performance might not be your future results. You can watch youtube.com videos or tutorials but you won’t have the benefit of someone who has actually knows you or wants your success necessarily, to share your experiences with. You could even hire someone to help you get there, but how much could that cost? Financial planners, match makers, and gurus can charge in the thousands for 2 or 3 appointments. Nutritionists and dietitians are hundreds of dollars. The thing that none of these professional are willing to admit is that they do not know you, they do not understand what motivates you, what inspires you, or who you are deep inside. Most of these professionals perform a cursory, superficial assessment that lumps you into a larger group of statistics and negates your own personality and will in the process, as Metatron had mentioned above.

This time why not try something different, something that can not only give you specific answers to how to get your goal and master it, and you can use over and over again any time you want to accomplish another goal in the future. Something that you can customize to fit your personality, your schedule, and will help you clear all subconscious blocks to your success. This option IS the best way to seek your personal truth within you, not the lies everyone else wants you to believe so that you will buy their products or programs. Try my Be A Body Psychic online course.

I will be honest here. I create nothing without YOU in mind! I have no interest in pyramid schemes, or crazy products that I know will defeat your metabolism, mind, or soul. My professional mission statement is to help you become the best person you can be through experiences and services I know work. That’s why I wrote Be a Body Psychic. At first I thought my Be a Body Psychic course was to help people build their intuition and develop their ability to meditate, but over the years I actually discovered something it provided that was waaaay more powerful and transformative. Be a Body Psychic delivers your truth, your blocks, your strengths, and weaknesses. Be a Body Psychic delivers the secrets to your successes, relieves pain, and suffering, and gives you your power back.

Take back your power with your own version of mastery! Create the income, relationships, and life you really want with the answers only you can create. I have never in the twenty years I’ve been teaching this course have ever had anyone say it wasn’t worth every penny. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They say things like “It changed my life!” “I felt a sense of belonging and purpose that I had never felt before!” Try Be a Body Psychic and experience what these ladies have already experienced!

If you’ve worked with me you know I am the farthest thing from a “pushy” person. I let people come to their own conclusions one way or the other. I provide the very best possible solutions, and practices to get my clients what ever they choose to manifest as a personal trainer and healer. Now I can do this for your life as well. :) Here's living proof!

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