I am always fascinated about how people interpret and understand different concepts. This came up recently when I was speaking about how my Be a Body Psychic workshop is based on several customized visualizations like my Body Scan visualization.

I have worked in the fitness and healing industries for so long I had taken it for granted that A) everyone would know what a body scan is and B) find it super effective and powerful in attaining their goals. However, one woman’s honest admission helped me understand how wrong I was. She said “I’m a certified exercise physiologist and I’ve never heard of a body scan before.” My initial response in my own mind was biased of course “What rock did you crawl out from under?! Everyone knows what a body scan is!!” But in those seconds I remembered a conversation I had with my son a year before when he was writing a paper about communication.

My son Randall asked me “Mom what does AMA mean to you?” I said “Active metabolic assessment. “ He said “Not American Medical Association?” Me “No”. Then he asked “What about RPE?” I said “Rate of perceived exertion.” He said “Not retail price equivalent? Or revenue per employee?” I said “No”

It was apparent that his education and field had a very different perspective regarding these acronyms and many other words. His education taught him what he needed to know about these acronyms and other words in relation to his field not mine. It was a great teaching moment for both of us. I had just forgotten the lesson until recently.

It is with this better understanding and perspective in about to what I do and the words I choose to communicate with that I wish to explain what a Body Scan is and how it relates to you, your intuitive development, and personal power in relation to your goal attainment.

In the medical, wellness, healing, holistic and esoteric worlds of knowledge a body scan is a visualization that is used typically to assess stress or tension held within the body. It is a great tool to help people identify where they hold their stress and tension but also make them mindful of ways to release it. What is rarely discussed is how doing simple visualizations like this can actually help to change your behavior and habits to a more healthful lifestyle. What I had learned over the years of study with metabolic doctors and becoming a behavior specialist myself was how these types of visualizations can actually help to change the brain chemistry that perpetuates stress.

In addition, as a psychic I witnessed how many people were not only able to change their brain chemistry, negative behaviors and patterns but they had a new and more fulfilling sense of themselves, their reactions, beliefs and souls. They started talking more about energy in the sense that it was perceivable either by sensations of heat, tingling, or light. Participants of my workshop reported discovering an intuition, a “knowing” or deep internal wisdom. My clients who performed my body scan regularly began to predict outcomes, find best health practices, and make choices from a place of power not fear, anger or depression as they had in the past. They became aware of colors, lights and shapes within the body that had special meaning to them. Very often they spoke of feeling closer to God, or their connection to Divinity.

The way I worded my Body Scan visualization acknowledges our own innate intuition, our ability to create a level of communication with what I call “body-mind”. I do this in my Body Scan visualization by first leading you into a very relaxed state then by speaking to the qualities of each power center held within the body (these centers actually pertain to areas of your life. Oh and I should explain that a power center is what I have perceived in my psychic readings as nerve plexus that run down the spinal column that correlate directly to the Eastern Indian term “chakras”. Each one of these nerve plexus emanate a level of energy that is perceivable. Just as plants and animals have an energetic quality, we do also, and human energy is concentrated within those nerve plexus.

When we are able to quiet the conscious mind, the part of our minds that like to have control and imagine worst case scenarios, criticize and judge we can then hear a different voice within our body-mind. This is our subconscious mind that we are allowing to speak to us. As such the subconscious mind performs a very important function. It serves to observe our realities from the perspective and filter of our personalities, it simply relays the emotions we have attached to people, events or circumstances in our lives without judgement. In that process we come in contact with our personal Truth, that which our souls need to express to survive and evolve. Giving our body-mind the opportunity to speak our personal Truth allows us to effectively use our personal will to communicate our soul purpose.

Maybe I was a little presumptuous to believe that you might get all that from my 15 second pitch: “Want to lose weight, find your soul purpose or your soul mate? It all starts right here with my Be a Body Psychic webinar!! Just text body-mind to 33777 to get my Body Scan DL for FREE!” (DL stands for download btw, and btw stands for by the way LOL). It used to be that brevity was best but in cases like this I’m happy I have a venue to give more details.

I know how difficult it is to make choices about things like this when absolutely everyone and their brother wants to pitch or sell you something. We hear it all the time, on our cell phones, ads slipped into our web browsers, posters, grocery store and gas station kiosks yelling at you. It’s hard to focus on something like my Be A Body Psychic Webinar when there is so much noise. I will say that if you are reading this right now there is something in your soul that wants you to know the truth about who you are and what you can accomplish in this lifetime.

Your soul drew you to this blog to inform you that your divine connection has news for you specifically and since it’s your soul talking to you, the information it has will be for your good, for your relationships, your career, your desires whatever they may be. You just have to be willing to just do it!

Join my Be a Body Psychic webinar click this link ( or go to the Be a Body Psychic tab in my website) & get your FREE Body Scan download (do the scan and take notes) and get your Soul message in a FREE MindBody Mastery open Zoom session this Thursday February 4th at 6pm. See you and your body-mind there!


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