Spring Sprang Along with my Bra!! LOL

I wrote this blog on another site around 8 years ago but it still has a lot of valid points today. Bra blogs are evergreen in my world as I will always be in search of the perfect sports bra. In recent years I've discovered an even better bra from Victoria's Secret with a front enclosure and an additional layer that is zip-able. If you have found something better than the VS front clip/zip bra with nice wide shoulder straps and underwire (I'm a C-cup so yes that's kind of important to me). Please let me know and I will update this blog! Until then enjoy reading my Spring bra blog!!

I’ve taught group fitness for over 20 years (step, high and low impact etc.), Pilates for 10 and more recently Barre Fusion. I am also an on again off again runner. I don’t mean to seem flip or un-loyal to running it has just had its drawbacks for me.

As a group fitness instructor I used to teach a lot of step classes, lots of stress on the knees and well, not so great for the bust. I’m not embarrassed to say that as a mind/body professional and someone who has a great relationship with many of my members, I would always remind my female students to get a great bra for any kind of workout activity. There is nothing worse than finding a woman jogging or jumping rope up and down or bumping and grinding in a Zumba class with, let’s just say, a bit more bounce than should be there at the bust line.

It became a habit of mine to make sure I tried every new sports bra I could find. I did what most women did which was to buy those super tight bras that squash your boobs into a flat board. Although they were effective in taming those ta-ta’s, it was also a little painful and over all an uncomfortable experience especially if I had to teach for more than two hours. I would often teach, then run errands and pick up kids etc. so by the time I got home I was thrilled to take the bra off. This was actually part of the reason I stopped running for a while.

I wanted to find the “perfect” bra if there was one, before I headed out on the open road again. I made the rounds I went to Dick’s Sports, Sports Authority and many other sports related stores and tried on numerous bras. It became apparent that in some cases men were part of the design team 😦 or the fabrics weren’t supportive enough or the straps weren’t adjustable and cut into my shoulders. I did purchase one bra that started out great but quickly lost it’s shape and therefore support after a few washes.

Then I had an epiphany. I went shopping for underwear at ….you guessed it, one of my favorite lingerie stores, Victoria Secret. After making all of my selections and heading toward the registers I stopped short, before me stood a round display table with a large sign on it “VSX”. “What’s this?” I asked the sales person “Oh that’s Victoria Secret new workout line.” “Really” I thought.. hmmmm, I was skeptical. Typically lingerie designers fail to see the importance of solid support for rigorous activity, I would know I worked for a lingerie designer long ago when I first got out of college.

I took a sturdy looking bra off the table and tried it on. I was surprised to find that this new bra was not only comfortable but had a complete lock down kind of shape that made me feel as though I could jump rope, jog and step for hours. Here’s the best part, the cups are curved to conformed to the shape of the breast and have a completely padded under-wire!! Yippeee! I had used under-wire bras before to just get the support that I needed but they ended up leaving marks on my rib cage and didn’t have the softer shoulder straps that disperse the tension across the shoulder. Not only did it have a great under-wire but the Victoria Secret bra has a racer back with three hook and eye adjustment at the band so if you have a smaller rib-cage you can still get a comfortable fit. Since my first purchase I’ve been very happy with my new bra.

I have to say I panicked a little when I went back to the store to buy more and the round table was gone. What??!! Not now, not when I have finally found the perfect sports bra! Luckily the sales person at the store reassured me “Don’t worry we are going to have a lot more space devoted to the workout clothing section of the store after our renovation in June.” What a relief! You can still go on-line to get another one for now, if your local Victoria Secret is currently renovating for the new space.

Bra-Va Victoria Secret! It’s nice to know that someone finally knows what they are doing out there 🙂

PS: Just FYI I didn’t get paid to write this, it was just my take on the really difficult workout bra dilemma.

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