Mind Mastery

Mind Mastery

Most if not all of what we experience in our lives happens first within our minds.

Yes all the cliches are true. “If we can see it we can believe it.” “If you don’t believe it no one else will either.” Or..”Your a legend in your own mind.” Or “Are you out of your mind?”

Whether we want to admit it or not we are subject to our mind’s own sense of reality. I recently went looking for a new house and found a for sale by owner close to where we are living now. I arranged to see the house with the woman who was trying to sell it for her father. I looked around the house with my husband. The house was horrendous! It was run down, trash in the yard, ancient kitchen, mouse, cat, and insect dropping littered the floor, rotted wood everywhere, the “bonus” room was only accessible from a garage door or through a window opening that had never been turned into a formal doorway. Everything that was left in the house was dirty, old and rotting. Our escort showing us the house said “Oh and there’s a pool too!” We went outside to see a pit with 2 walls still standing filled with dirt and so over grown you might have thought someone was looking to bury a body (or several) but abandoned the idea. It was truly overwhelming what horrible condition the property had fallen into.

I felt very sorry for our host, she was trying to be upbeat and talked all about the potential of each area of the house. It was apparent this house was a tear down but I continued the conversation to be polite. “This was your father’s house? He lived here alone?” I asked. The woman said “Well no, he had broken his hip, was confined to a wheel chair and lived here with my mother who we only recently discovered had dementia.” I guess my expression revealed my shock. “No one knew your mother had dementia?” The woman said “No, she taught at a local college up until a few months ago. My dad complained about my mom forgetting things, never feeding the cats, or wasting time wandering from room to room. We didn’t know those were signs of dementia. He said he knew something was wrong but didn’t want to worry us.”

I now felt sorry for the woman’s parents who lived there in what must have felt like a living hell. But it was apparent that neither of them were experiencing mental clarity, neither of them felt really great about themselves or each other. There was a significant and irrational change in their perception about their world in their own minds and it was written all over the reality of their home.

I’m telling you this rather dramatic story to illustrate a point. Although we may think we understand our thoughts and emotions, we are clueless as to the impact our minds actually have on our lives. If you knew that your mind could lead your physical world down that kind of destructive path, would you change how you think? Would you even know how?

Right now everything that surrounds you is a reflection of how you think and feel. Are you happy about it? Does it make you sad, anxious, or angry? Or do you feel like “Woooo Hooooo! I am exactly where I want to be, doing exactly what I want to do.” If you are not saying those things imagine what you really would like to live in, feel physically, or create in your life. Is what you are envisioning different from who you are now and what you are experiencing? If so what are the differences. Sometimes these things are hard to identify unless you can get your conscious mind out of the picture.

Very often we may have an idea of what we want to create, even see it clearly in our minds eye. However, something might be blocking the manifestation of that thing you want to create most. This is something you never thought would be an issue. This thing, thought, or emotion might be buried deep within your subconscious mind and sabotaging your every effort to get what you really want. No matter how many mantras, affirmations, or treasure maps you create this thing may still elude you. Recent studies show that positive affirmations, mantras, or self talk is only about 20% effective in people who already have good self esteem, and confidence in their ability to create the life they want. The rest tend to feel un-comforted and even resentful that their positive affirmations didn’t work.

So how does one find and effectively address subconscious blocks to their dreams? There needs to be a consistent practice of self evaluation of the subconscious and awareness of our daily responses. This is why I started meditating and praying with my clients because I saw how the minds of my clients were actually getting in the way of their goals and weight loss progress. This is why I create my new weight loss bracelets and meditations so you can overcome (without conscious interruption) exactly what is blocking you from manifesting your dreams, but it gives you visual tools to reframe, re-program, and in some cases extricate the negatively held subconscious emotions entirely. This leaves you with a blank slate to reset your responses, emotions and deeply implant your vision of your future life within the subconscious mind and soul, the driving force behind your reality.

Repeating and staying truly aware of your internal responses so you can adapt and adjust to accommodate what you hope to create is Mind Mastery. Stop playing the old tapes, recreating the same stale results, and start actively participating in the creation of your reality. Remember you create it, your life doesn’t create you! You are powerful within your mind you might as well use it to master your life.

For more information check my shop page and check out the bracelets. Free consultations are also available.

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