Do Fear and Anxiety Rule You?

Today’s world is changing daily. COVID has produced a level of anxiety in our lifetime that many have never experienced before. In addition to our normal responses to fearful topics like: commuting in heavy traffic, or the anxiety associated with getting your kids in the right schools; we now have a whole host of other fears that haunt us daily. We now also worry about managing our daily lives with masks (I actually had a panic attack myself the first few times out shopping). We instinctively know we need to worry about getting to close to strangers and staying away from family, which goes directly against all of our pre-coded habits for survival. We worry about catching COVID, for ourselves and our families.

Fear in and of itself is necessary and not all bad. It was built into our limbic brains for our survival to out run a lion, forage for food and find other people we can trust to live and thrive together. Our current state of survival is proof that fear does have a function in our human lives.

But when is fear more detrimental that purposeful? When does fear start to reverse it’s usefulness and become overwhelming? What if your fears and anxieties are actually preventing you from sleeping well, maintaining a healthy weight and, mindset? What if you are now taking prescription medications as a result of your fears and anxiety? Do you feel you have little or no control over your emotions or reactions? Do you notice it in your children as well? Perhaps the fear and anxiety you’ve been feeling are now affecting your immune function. Your thymus may be compromised further taxing your body and making you susceptible to a number of other pathogens, colds and viruses.

If you are saying “yes” to any of these questions you are suffering from an over-reaction to fear, and underestimating the power of your own body-mind and spirit. We already know how intimately linked our bodies and minds are. We’ve heard the news blurbs, seen it tested, researched and documented. If you’ve pursued this thought even further perhaps you’ve actually witnessed the powerful effects of the body on the mind and vice versa.

Although we are aware of this powerful connection we are often redirected to a different resource for the relief of our fears and anxieties. What if you instead knew of a secret power that altered the fear, changed your thought process and stabilized your physical and mental responses to fear?

We all have this secret power but maybe no one ever taught you how to use it. By using this transformational secret power you will not only feel better, more calm and focused but you will also be able to significantly decrease or maybe even abandon the use of prescription mood altering drugs.

When you experience your mind in a meditative state like the Alpha or Theta state you have the ability to naturally balance your brain chemistry. Meditation and visualization can balance GABA (Gamma aminobutyric Acid). Raising GABA levels helps to slow nerve impulses between synaptic connections and relieves “monkey mind”. Meditation can also help lower cortisol levels, boost endorphin level and drop blood pressure. Now add to that imagery and emotions of joy and peace through new guided imagery that supports your new brain chemistry and you have just cultivated your own cure for fear and anxiety.

How does one go about developing this cure? How do you create the imagery? When are you supposed to practice this? I am happy to say “I’ve got you!” So many of my clients have asked me to post this mediation/visualization for months so here it is!

Just click on the link I’ve provided and begin your daily Peace practice. By giving your mind a peace workout you will be availing yourself of the most powerful resource for body-mind control on earth ……YOU! After you’ve practiced listening for a while, start to customize it for yourself. Use imagery that’s important to you and makes sense to your life. I have never had anyone say that this track was not working or worth their time. So find a safe happy place in your home to get comfortable, surround yourself with soft pillows, a warm blanket and keep the lighting low. Then sit back and immerse yourself in this super soothing meditation.

Do not practice this meditation while operating machinery, driving or working. The point of this practice is to unplug from your normal world and circumstances. It’s only about 15 minutes long so …let’s keep the environment free of stimulation until it’s over. If you can’t carve out 15 minutes a day for yourself then you have to do some prioritizing anyway.

If you want to have an even more powerful effect then play it just before dropping off to sleep at night. Give it a try! And let me know how it goes! Blessings!

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