Caring Less

Caring Less

The Undoing of Control

I can name maybe a couple of dozen people who I have worked with or befriended that had or have ….. well, control issues. As great as control may be in certain situations it is very often the downfall of a precious goal. Let me explain.

Being in control is often advantageous. Many experience numerous reasons to maintain control. They get to predict outcomes, isolate damage, intervene when spontaneity or circumstances goes wrong or when things simply aren’t going according to plan. You can see how important this type of personality can be to a corporation, or any organization that requires experience and leadership to succeed. Very often these types of personalities reap the benefits. Executives and directors of prestigious institutions get bonuses and incentives to exhibit and manipulate their industry because of their ingenious use of not just self control but ultimate operational control.

It’s a heady experience to know that an entire corporation or group relies on your ability to control outcomes. I’ve heard it called a “gift” to be able to be organized enough to depend on the desired outcome over and over again.

As wonderful a thought as that is, it (control) is almost entirely useless when it comes to attaining a personal goal. There is definitely a time and place when our self- control is important and necessary but it tends to stand in the way when we are earnestly searching for the exact way we need to change in order to attain a goal. When we exert an excessive amount of control over our own minds and bodies we tend to be deaf to our own body mind wisdom.

This is a recurring theme in my business. One that is often overlooked and when not identified tends to undermine even the most conscientious of clients pursuing a weight loss or fitness goal.

I was coaching a client in a visualization in my Be a Body Psychic webinar recently. I said “Just allow the visualization and your subconscious mind to inform you.” And she said “So when I get to the second chakra I’ll see me and my boyfriend and some way to get around the issues of ….” I said “Noooo. In fact, you should have zero expectation of what you will see.”

This was a real awakening for me as I had been used to giving my ego, my lense of reality mine or anyone else’s over. In essence I had become used to literally letting go, of all of my assumptions, expectations and predictions in order to clearly see someone else’s energy. I knew this was vital and important to being able to clearly see and experience someone else’s reality.

I find myself telling my Be a Body Psychic clients “You literally have to care less about what you experience in a reading to remain objective and to allow their soul to speak to you.” But you also have to know what exactly you have read in someone. Meaning you have to know your sh**t. You can’t simply spout things you are seeing or hearing you have to know what they mean, how to interpret personal or universal symbology and deliver the messages in meaningful and supportive ways.

All souls know when they are about to be judged, labeled, or criticized, they can feel it. The soul recoils, or retracts revealing only surface facts, if that. The soul’s and this person’s truth will bury itself in the presence of a self-serving, uncaring, or unknowledgeable reader. This usually results in a poor reading, a sub-standard handling of energy and incorrect advice.

Psychic readers often read through their own lenses, this results in frustration. I had a “psychic” reading for $200/50 min. Who told me I had a lot of red in my aura, that the color red represents illness, and that I must be very ill. I found this hysterical because I had just had a physical two days before, actively worked out for the last 7 days straight and had a significantly lower physical age than my actual age. I asked her “What hue of red, was my energy?” She said “Hue? Red is red.” I handed her my card and said “You should take my Be a Body Psychic course. You were wrong. I’m extremely healthy, I’m a personal trainer and the color red can also mean physical vitality, and passion if it’s hue is clear and bright.” She looked shocked and stammered a bit. I just turned around and left, closing the door behind me.

This is true when you read yourself. If you have expectations of what you see, feel, or know about your reading then you are not being truthful with your Self. If you can’t be truthful with yourself, and honest about certain subconscious beliefs, memories or emotions then you will always repeat the same mistakes that created the problem you now wish to resolve, or the goal you want to attain.

That is part of the reason why I choose to teach people what I know. I found the “psychic reading” part of our culture to be misleading, and misrepresenting how the mind and soul work within our bodies. I voluntarily, very often spontaneously give readings to people I feel could use the information, not because I want to impress them or make myself feel powerful or to get attention (there are those who would give healing or readings at a party without someone’s consent just to serve their egos) but I choose to inspire, provide a gift, and be truthful.

Our truth is our only savior, it is ultimately and completely the key to our goals. We can only hear our truth if we are willing to release what we already know or believe to be true. This is a fine line and understanding the difference takes practice. Be patient with yourself, listen to your body without judgement and you will attain your goals.


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