Body Mastery

You might think that body mastery is the specific domain of the body builder, yoga instructor, doctors or the fit model. The fact of the matter is those types of people only represent part of what it takes to master the body.

First let’s set one thing straight; mastery of the body, especially when it comes to weight loss or overall health, doesn’t mean how well you beat it into submission, or “trick” it’s metabolism, or get it to do what you want. My experiences as a personal trainer, psychic, and healer have shown me a very different picture of how the mind and body actually perform. These experiences with my clients are more about how the mind and body work together and that no matter how hard you try to circumvent your body’s messages, they will always come back to you in a different form within your body. That’s because your body wasn’t meant to be tricked, beaten, manipulated, or subjugated. It simply exists as a vehicle for our soul’s journey and provide feedback about how well, or perhaps not so well, that journey is going. This means that no matter what you do to your body, you will always be given more opportunities to learn from or change what isn’t working or resonating with your soul’s truth. We are forever given the benefit of the doubt as though your body is saying “Darn, they didn’t recognize that message, the best thing I can do is to send another message to the cells similar to the last, I hope it works this time.”

Let’s ponder this for a moment…

So the client who opted to get “Cool sculpting” by cryogenically freezing fat cells found that the fat came back in ways she never used to worry about. Another client had gastric bi-pass surgery to lose weight and found that after some initial weight loss, had regain more weight than she had started with and could no longer enjoy a normal meal, and ended up morbidly obese as a result. The teen aged girl downing diet pills experiences zero weight loss but experiences other very unpleasant symptoms like: headaches, racing heart beat, emotionally unstable, anxious, fainting spells, and unstable behavior. Then there’s the athletic sporty girl who’s dietician put her on a 1200 calorie a day diet. The girl came to me asking to workout to make her metabolism burn fat faster, but was too exhausted to move. She never lost weight on that diet, she just kept feeling like a failure because it was “supposed to work” according to her dietician. These are just a few stories of failed attempts to manipulate the body away from what it was meant to do, protect, support, provide communication, and homeostasis to experience life.

Similarly, you can look at any prescription drug designed to stop a symptom and find a laundry list of side effects that are worse than the original symptom. Our culture believes that we are supposed to be able to overcome our bodies. This is exactly the wrong and deluded approach to a healthy lifestyle and what God had originally intended. The only problem is, as my Archangel Metatron says “There was a time when humans had very good mind body communication, that is until human’s desire to control the body by learning how it functioned and operated. When that became the goal, man became more impressed with themselves than with what God had created for the soul’s expression.”

This represents centuries of denial within the body. Centuries of analyzing the wrong things for the wrong purposes and highlighting only how symptoms, even weight gain, can be controlled instead of understood. This denial perpetuated an emphasis on developing external knowledge and science of the body not the soul of being human.

It’s not enough to say that we have a problem or symptom within our bodies that we can identify. What we need today is to not just listen to what our bodies are saying or feeling but to be able to translate the body’s messages. We need to understand why the body responds the way it does, and pro-actively change our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that created the symptoms. This is the essence of wholeness that will bring the body into alignment with our soul’s will, our truth. This is a natural progression to healthy well balanced human life.

How do we go about doing that? How does one create a language that we have no prior experience of, or examples for? You can take time to meditate and watch for signs, and spend time journalling about them. Even then you might not have the ability to translate messages even if you do receive them from your body’s mind. This is why I recommend taking my Be a Body Psychic online course. I have never given my readers or audiences false information. I have never sought to mislead you or direct you down a path I didn’t think was well worth your time. In fact, my angels have asked me to invite you to experience this level of communication over and over again.

Because ultimately, we all need to evolve passed the pain and suffering timeline. This is a timeline I’ve written about in passed blogs. The pain timeline exists as a barometer of how far off mark we’ve become in allowing our soul purpose to create our reality. The more discomfort, the more suffering, the farther away we are from true fulfillment and a chance to evolve our souls.

Mastery of the body is the clear and distinct intention to be a clear communicator of life through the body and the expression of the soul’s purpose. Ask yourself; do you feel happy most of the time? Do you feel safe? Do you feel loved? Do you feel understood? Do you feel confident? Do you feel compassion? Do you feel you are actively using and expressing God’s talents through your mind and body? Do you feel connected to your soul’s purpose?

If you said “No” to any of these questions you might be experiencing a disconnect between mind and body. Let me help you reconnect so you can feel all of these things and MORE!

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