Unexpected Truth

I like so many other intuitives, psychics, channels, mediums and healers asked my guides and angels “Why COVID-19?” Why was this brought to our attention? Why so many deaths? How is it to stop? Why now?

In my curiosity I felt a commitment to knowing the truth, even if it was just for my and my family’s understanding of it. I received messages in a state in between sleep and wakefulness, during meditation, while giving readings to others or while staring out of my kitchen window. I said “Holy Spirit, why can’t I get it all in one sitting?” Holy Spirit said “Because your attention is divided throughout the day and night and you gave a specific purpose to your meditations which does not include the answers to your questions to us. We had to give you these messages when your mind was open and in a position to be able to remember what we were saying to you.” This was true as I have received many messages in the middle of the night that I was having difficulty remembering. Now I know I have to make small notes on a pad of paper even if they are single unrelated words, a picture or a symbol. In that process it was revealed to me a much broader understanding about how this point in time is affecting our lives forever.

In a seated deliberate meditation on the corona virus I asked The Holy Spirit, my angels and guides:

Me “Holy Spirit, Why COVID 19? Why now?”

Holy Spirit: “Look at the trees…”

Me: “I do every day —I’m obsessed with trees they give me messages. I had an art show two years ago most of it was trees.”


Holy Spirit: “What do you know about trees?”

Me: “That they produce oxygen from CO2 and provide shade, shelter, they ground into the earth, they stabilize, they spread their limbs and ….”

Holy Spirit: “What?”

Me: “ They remind me of how I need to be on this earth- grounded, with strong root system, long stable trunk of beliefs, arms that reach and can be flexible when the wind blows….”

Holy Spirit: “ What else do you recognize?”

Me: “Trees have always reminded me of ….well, our lungs. How our lungs branch out into bronchi and they divide and branch out into bronchioles and well, they look and act just like our lungs only instead of producing CO2 —- when trees exhale they produce O2 oxygen.”

At this point it started to dawn on me “Ahhhhhhhh……Is COVID because we’ve been systematically destroying our jungles and trees in essence our own lungs? I never prayed for that!”

Holy Spirit: “Remember nothing in the Universe is random.”

Me: “Is the universe showing us something?”

Holy Spirit: “No you are. The ‘you’ that is one with all humans, one with nature, the oceans, the jungles.”

Me: “We’ve been destroying ourselves.”

Holy Spirit: “In a sense but not without diligently and consistently in large and small groups praying and seeking answers for the savior of other things ….and people. Like families getting closer, children’s wellbeing, improved communication, less stress, less travel for work, to have time to create, to receive from government instead of always giving to it, money, to save the water, air, earth, that all nations revere human life as precious, that all nations act as one, that all other politics, business and commerce come after the preservation of life……and yes the jungles and trees.

Me: “So our prayers are being answered? But there’s so much death!”

Holy Spirit: “Under what circumstances could your prayers be answered? Under what circumstances could we help you to help yourselves, for you to see the potential benefit of any of this?”

Me: “Only by threat of death itself….. wow!”

Holy Spirit: “How and when could all of this be possible, or probable? Under what circumstances would you willingly stay home, feed your families, find a different way to make a living, improve communication with those you love, force you into quiet moments of prayer, meditation or reflection and rest.

Now,….this virus is the reflection of the destruction of your forests, jungles and trees worldwide. Nothing is random, the configuration of your lungs and the shape of trees is no accident. God placed reminders of who you are and how deeply you are connected to this earth symbolically, functionally and literally, everywhere. So that you might see the grace, perfect balance and harmony in all natural things and recognize your grace, balance, and harmony. Those moments became less and less likely for most of the population as the centuries progressed. “

“This virus has made it possible for you to see what genuinely needs to happen in order for all of your prayers to be answered and to preserve the earth. That you cherish each other more than anything, that you save each other, treat each other as blood relatives, precious and few. That you live for the sake of those who you call family and that God’s Will shall provide and prevail in cooperation of all those who still take life force into their lungs and body as though it were literally the only commodity on earth worth having, and to hold a sacred space in each and every heart for what is valuable, eternal and life sustaining….your souls in your bodies and those you love. To awake knowing that you sacrifice, render irrelevant and useless that which you had placed as a priority and to replace it with the savior of souls, of life, in all ways in as many naturally healthy forms as you can manage.”

That transmission ended…but I still had many unanswered questions. Those answers came at different times. Messages about saving money, how this event will change our value system, commercial commerce, messages about the protection of my family and the importance of relaying these messages.

The part I was waiting for, the part that would help me understand the universal or super spiritual “why” came yesterday during a channeled reading I gave to a client.

Me: “May I ask why so many deaths? I understand we needed to take this seriously in order to make the changes, to balance the energy of our world to better sustain us and help us survive but spiritually what was the purpose? I feel as though this is a part of a bigger universally timed event.”

Holy Spirit: “ We feel and understand the devastation this (virus) has caused on earth. There is no bigger loss than that of life. However, these souls who have passed and will continue to pass are actually serving a higher purpose. They have contracted to leave at this time in this way to highlight a very special set of circumstances….to light a fire in the souls they’ve affected.

The souls who have departed are energetically attached to those they love. Their loss signals a time not just of grief but a special time when the hearts and minds of those they love will be opened. The power of this opening, the significance of it, can’t be emphasized enough. This opening will happen to those who might not necessarily want to be healers, light workers or benefactors of good will, but they will be. They will be light workers, those who haven’t had special education or attunements regarding healing, will heal. Those who have never been channels for light or wisdom or energy will spontaneously be giving advice, guidance and lifting others souls with their words and presence.

Then there will be starlight workers, these light holders are under the order of the Virgin Mary. Those who spontaneously feel drawn to meditate on the earth and the skies. They will regulate the timing of the stars and sun and reset the earth’s timing to change in a graceful way in order to support and sustain human life on earth. As long as the earth is covered in green, the water is clean and your air is clear you will survive. These starlight workers will, in the beginning, be unaware of each other and gradually begin to create a canvas of protection that is anchored in the earth but also tethered to the stars, the combination of which will reset the alignment of the planets and energy around the earth for protection.

The only pre-requisite to be one of these workers is their location, and having an open mind and heart.”

Me: “Wow, why location? What does that have to do with anything?”

Holy Spirit: “Instead of one conscious and deliberate light worker among two or three thousand. Now there will be one every few hundred people on earth, that figure will increase as the virus takes more lives and the impact of the losses will become more common allowing those “open” people to become a light worker. The more densely populated the area the more light workers are needed. Remember nothing is random.”

In other transmissions:

Holy Spirit: “There will be an increase in the admission of wrong doing, abuse, trauma and mental instability among public figures. Instead of others accusing the offending parties, they will willingly admit to their offenses and need for help in healing their imbalances. This will become the norm, until more and more light can be expressed in public venues and truth will prevail.”

“There will be a second wave of deaths and the timing of it will commence June into July with another possible in September. Remember how humans react will dictate the result of the the lives lost. More disregard, more waste, more hoarding, disrespect, will mean more death. This is a clear and definitive communication loop. The more imbalance the more loss, not as a punishment but as an acknowledgement of what light worker help is needed and where.”

End transmission.

Thank you for watching and reading my blogs. I feel blessed to be in your view! Please continue to follow CDC guidelines and take nothing for granted. Blessings to you and your families continued safety.

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