Meditation instead of Medication for Weight Loss

Perhaps you are just appreciating the lull in activity between holidays, slightly warmer weather, the super bowl and Easter or not….

Maybe it’s beginning to dawn on you that in less than 2 weeks (if your kids are in college) or 5 or 6 weeks if your kids are in local grade or high schools that you might be visiting a beach soon. Whatever your scenario, you might be thinking about …..well the bathing suit or maybe even your bikini which might be posing a bit of anxiety for you right now.

If you haven’t already jumped on all the 21, 30, 60 or 90 day challenges, or the latest diet pill out there, there is still hope for you. I love the 90 day challenges that begin in January and end just around the time of Spring break for most. However, I know there are many of us that are just beginning to address our New Year’s Resolutions ;). You are just moments away from a better solution to your bikini-wear problem!

Even if you are just two weeks away from a beach I can help you begin to set the stage for your weight loss success! It’s possible to lose up to 6 pounds in two weeks for even the most tardy of well-meaning beach bound of us. Of course, The key is that it’s all in your mind, literally.

Here’s the reality, it takes about 2.5 months to get to your perfect beach body. Summer is right around the corner so even if you don’t get to your ideal body by Spring break you can get pretty close and get a solid plan together before you break out the short shorts for summer.

There are four C’s you need to remember.

C #1- Contemplate: Contemplation requires a certain amount of mental effort in the Beta brain-wave frequency. Get started now identify and find sustainable changes you can make. You will need to drop into a different mental state to make the changes real and permanent but that will come later. For now, isolate those things in your diet and exercise regime that need to change in order for you to progress faster to your weight loss goals. Consider that protein shakes, smoothies or protein bars have added carbohydrates and sugars that are not great for weight loss goals. I would also advise you ditch bananas, beans, all white grains, potatoes, and avocados while on your weight loss journey.

C #2- Change: If you are walking daily, run. If you take spin daily, walk or take a HIIT class. If your heart rate is very high daily during any exercise workout then choose to walk, bike or hike at a lower heart rate range to vary heart rate and challenge your metabolism to work differently. If you are eating a cookie or two every day at 3pm, then stop.

C #3 - Commit: Once you know what you need to change and can identity the changes you need to make, you need to write it all down and commit to your new plan. Start with making your grocery list, then schedule your day planner with your workouts, where you will workout and times. Then include a few rewards as you complete each task. It could be as simple as taking an hour to go for a walk on your favorite path or a lunch date with a good friend.

C #4- Concentrate: When I say concentrate I’m talking about a form of meditation that can help you create new neural pathways in your brain for healthier habits. This has to be a deliberate maybe even uncomfortable and inconvenient in order to create real change.

It’s one thing to lose weight for well … a month, to a year but if you want to lose weight and feel great for a lifetime you are going to have to change your mind first. You can mantra or affirm all you want but to change your brain you are going to have to meditate. You may wonder “Why?”

The neural pathways that are already in place in your brain are part of the reason why you are overweight now. Those neural pathways actually are your daily habits, emotional reactions, remembered emotions associated with certain foods and behaviors. If you want to change your body on the outside, you will have to spend time on changing the inside.

You can meditate to many sound tracks, videos or just sit watching a candle. That will prep you for meditation as you begin the process of releasing all your negative emotions. The next step is to clearly visualize yourself at your perfect weight with perfect muscle tone with plenty of joy. The last step is to continue seeing that visualization for several weeks while you are altering your diet, working out and journalling about your most fulfilling emotions like joy, fulfillment, and gratitude.

If you want something more specific for weight loss, good news. I have an all new meditation series created specifically for weight loss. I’ll keep you posted, literally LOL!!

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