What Does Your Waistline Say About You?

You see it everywhere “Lose Belly Fat!”, “Carve Your Waistline!”, “Get Rid of The Rolls!”

It seems that as we age we tend to gain weight in our midsection the fastest. If you are thick in the middle and over the age of 35 it means you are too used to over-indulging, or haven’t taken your workouts seriously. That is how the weight loss and fitness industries see it and it works for them! Because as long as you keep gaining weight in your abdomen, you will continue to need their weight loss and fitness products and services. As a result of this popular belief many of us will reach for the latest diet, see if there are any new “magic metabolism boosting” pills they can pick up or maybe there is a brand new “core” or “ab busting” workout bandwagon to jump on.

I have given 100s of psychic mind body readings to people all over, from 13 gyms and clubs as well as my private clientele and I can safely say that there is a lot more going on inside your mind and body that can lead to midsection weight gain than the “aging dilemma” popular belief bandwagon.

We know that midriff weight gain has a lot to do with the types of foods we eat. Portion control has something to do with it and yes physical activity level has a lot to do with it. However, there are reasons why we crave carbs, eat too much or feel less and less like being active. Those reasons have little or nothing to do with age. It is actually a very interesting dance between mind and body that packs the midsection pounds on.

Many will argue that as they age they begin to develop visceral fat at an alarming rate, but why? We know that carbohydrates, fats and salts have an immediate and dramatic effect on waistline weight gain but why do they become so attractive as a dietary staples as we age?

Ask yourself if you have the same activity level you had when you were 22? Do you go for walks with your friends at lunch? Do you go dancing at clubs? Play tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, or run like you did when you were in college? How active are you mentally? Do you play chess, meditate, read a new text book daily or choose to actively discuss your relationships?

The slow down in activity level, social and mental stimulation play a big role (no pun intended) in waistline weight gain. This points to how important, from the mind body perspective, these activities actually are in maintaining weight health. This is primarily because they stimulate neurotransmitters and hormones that are very important to metabolism.

Begin with how you feel or think on a daily basis. You will find that as you address these mind/body issues first, it will be much easier to adapt to new lifestyle habits and lose the weight you’ve always wanted to lose.

You will inevitably begin to crave carbohydrates, sugars and salts if you are:

1-Lonely: Very often as we choose our spouses and long term friends we may become less and less available for socialization, leaving us to feel more lonely or alone. When that happens the levels of oxytocin and dopamine (the “feel good” and “cuddle” neurotransmitters) drop in our brains

2- Low or No Self Esteem, Criticized or Feel Judged: If we feel we haven’t really succeeded or have nothing of value to offer our families, friends, community or ourselves OR if we feel we are under constant criticism we may be symbolically trying to protect ourselves this is also reflected as a lack in dopamine, serotonin, endorphines and testosterone.

3- Forgetting Who You Are or Some Trauma You Survived: On a purely mind body note, we very often to want to cover up something about ourselves or some aspect of our being. Hiding this part of our body seems to correlate with hiding or forgetting those things we don’t like or have difficulty healing in ourselves. This also translates as a drop in dopamine and glutamate.

4- Difficulty in Mental Processing: Our stomachs (and midsection) tend to reflect how we process our thoughts and concepts. When something seems to be too overwhelming or unbelievable it will show up as visceral fat. We will tend to then crave tryptophan to increase serotonin, glutamate and oxytocin to soothe our agitated mind.

I find people rarely connect the subconscious mind body reasons with act of craving the wrong foods and the inevitable thickening of their waist. It’s important to know and acknowledge that everything you are thinking, feeling, and doing is directly linked with your body. If you feel one of the mental states that I mention above your body will understand that you will need a boost in that corresponding neurotransmitter in order to maintain balance in your brain.

If we recognize this early enough we can be proactive in getting the social, mental or physical stimulation we need to facilitate better mind body balance and avoid the cravings that bring on the belly bulge.

Try my ab workout you can find it under my "courses" section of this website (coming 2/1/20) to boost your abdominal strength, bring your attention to what you are eating, doing and thinking. When we are aware we are actually pumping more blood flow, increasing mind body connection and life force into the third chakra. This is a home run for self-esteem and mental clarity.

What do you think you need most to keep your waistline fit?

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