You Are Divine

When we think of divinity we tend to think of angels, saints, ascended masters, the holy ambassadors of the most high, the untouchable, the great and other worldly hosts of the miraculous worlds of heaven. The thought process is linear and almost exclusively excludes humans in most religious texts, except where something truly divine takes place. Those who had been chosen for communication or to be imbued with a specific divine purpose were a few of the individuals who warranted the attention of "divine intervention".

Divinity was more of a concept for the spiritually ambitious to seek to know better or connect with. Certianly our collective religious history has perpetuated this untouchable concept. Our religions replicate this thought over and over again in statues, paintings, books and music. As inspirational as they are they place the Divine somewhere just out of our reach as humans.

The only problem is this information is not quite accurate. ....

I've been giving psychic readings to my friends, family and clients since I was a teen. When I got my first and second degree attunements as a Reiki practitioner I continued giving psychic readings through my 20's, 30's, and 40's. Now I continue to give my personal training clients a more in depth type of reading including physical and metabolic information. Inevitably, I am asked if I "see" anything else? I have to say definitively "Yes!"

More often than not I see a variety of Angels, ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, messengers, saints, The Holy Spirit, Virgin Mary, at different times with different people getting different readings. Each reading is individual and unique, messages are given, energy is transmitted and my clients are elevated to a very different place, a divine place.

The fact is, and what all of these Holy messengers keep telling us (myself and my clients) in each of these readings is that we are divine first. We were always divine first, becoming human was a choice and is finite but our essence has always been and will always be perfect un-ending energy or divine.

Our souls divinity is expressed in different ways. There is a part of our divine soul that animates us, inspires us even motivates us to be better, to live optimally, to manifest full that which is our calling. Daily we are reminded of our own divinity of our potential . It's up to us to see, feel and engage in it. And when we do we are expressing God (or what you feel most closely related to).

I am now used to and comfortable with my own divinity and how the messengers of that divinity have guided and supported my work. My own messages have been quite revealing and intense as I try to set "myself" aside for the healing and well-being of others who I am working with. In a recent healing/reading I gave a spiritual messenger showed up in orange robes and no hair. I asked who they were, they said "I am a devotee of Sai Ba Ba" I had no idea who that was or why this messenger would talk about himself as a devotee and not say his own name. The messenger said that he was essentially a Buddhist but followed Sai Baba in life for his healing messages. This was a very interesting message as my client wanted to embrace Buddhism and needed healing!

I looked up Sai Baba who was a Hindu spiritual master and was regarded by his devotees as a saint. This is how divinity works. We all get messages, perhaps not psychic literal messages but we get messages in the form we are able to receive them. These messages are here to remind us to see, feel and engage in our own divinity.

Our divinity is expressed every time we give unconditionally, pray fervently, express compassion, and love lavishly. In that divine state we personally experience connection, and a true sense of elation from our efforts. In that state we are creating our own version of heaven on earth, we are establishing a higher vibration one that only we can contribute and sustain. Every time we are successful in setting aside our agendas, faults and negativity to ensure that our own personal brand of divinity has its expression, we are being DIVINE! We are Divine :)

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