Eat, Move, Be Happy; Repeat

#3 of Top 10 Things You Need to Lose Weight

Choose repeatable, sustainable weight loss acts and journal about them for accountability.

If you can’t repeat it or sustain it for more than a year it won’t work. Allow me to explain why. When I speak of weight loss I not only want you to lose weight easily but be able to keep it off with or without supplements, diets, food programs or even me. But we are seduced by the weight loss and fitness industries into believing it can all be done by these methods in a very short period of time.

For many of us, we believe the advertising and marketing for weight loss products and ignore the more important strategies of changing our habits or we simply don’t know how to change them. This is a difficult concept for most people as we are all looking for the quick fix. Our personal timeline for weight loss fulfillment has shortened considerably. When advertisers know that they have 3.5 minutes to make their point, a 10 minute video on is more successful than a documentary, a 30 minute workout is more popular than the hour long version, we can get coffee at the drive through in less than 4 minutes, cook an entire meal in 5. We have a very limited time frame when it comes to personal transformation. Yet fast weight loss is the least effective when you want to lose the weight forever.

When you try to shortcut your metabolism and your lifestyle, your body and mind will react to what you are attempting to do. Your mind and body will respond as though you are in duress and initiate a constant urge for you to return to your past brain habit patterns. This will result in your regaining the weight you started with within months possibly weeks after finishing that program. How do I know this? Because I’ve seen it time and time again. I’ve worked with 100’s of people who have gone on the “miracle diet”, taken the “magic pills” and touted the benefits of their protein shakes and pre-workout drinks. Only to discover that one bump in the road, or change in schedule, finance or relationships has disrupted their initial plan and they were no longer able to sustain that plan.

What we really need to address is a lifestyle change. Something that is not too far away from your current reality but would make a big difference in the success of your long term weight loss goals.

Things like: prepping meals in advance, finding healthier substitutes for your sweet tooth, incorporating a walk at lunch, keeping a positivity journal and affirmations to go with it. These are simple things that when incorporated into your daily routine start to become habits. These habits can grow into even better habits like going healthy gourmet or taking your walking routine to the next level with cardio intervals. Try to write down how you started the new habit and then journal about how you created progressions to match your new fitness level or food choices. Over time you will really begin to appreciate yourself and the progress you’ve made toward your goals.

The idea is to find small things you can change now that have the potential for future progressions. In other words, you want to have repeatable sustainable acts or habits but you don’t want to get bored with those habits. You will eventually stop a great healthy habit if you get bored, lose interest or stop seeing results. This is where you have to know yourself well. If you need variety at every meal then plan for that with a diverse shopping list. If you find yourself just trying to get through a 30 minute walk on a treadmill get a book or video on your cell phone to help you pass the time. If you can’t stand the thought of working out alone, then find a friend or ask your gym to help you find a workout buddy with similar goals.

By analyzing what your personality, behavior and habits are now you can save yourself a lot of time and money by avoiding those things you know you can’t sustain. The next step is identifying what you can sustain and then customizing it to your lifestyle and schedule for the long term. Remember we are looking for things you can do for years, not just months or a few weeks.

This is a commitment to yourself and your goals and should also have an element of fun, anticipation and reward involved to keep your interest. The more you can attach a positive benefit from each change, outside of the weight loss goal, the better off you will be. Getting more fresh air from your lunchtime walk, sharing recipes with a friend for socialization or celebrating your 5 pound weight loss success with a massage are all great ways to further embed feel good emotions (via mood boosting hormones and brain chemicals) into your process. The generation of positive hormones and chemicals and their resulting mood enhancing properties is crucial as they are coming from actual human and natural interactions not the food substitutes that artificially create them. This is what I have psychically read in my client’s energy and that their souls when aligned with this principle are also ultimately aligned with their own divine template of who they really are, at their perfect weight.

It’s a win, win, win!

What can you do today to begin the positive vibes for your healthy lifestyle? Email me your thoughts or how you successfully lost weight and kept it off, send to, for a psychic reading call (646)739-7879

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