5 Weight Loss Mistakes You Keep Making

I've taken some time off this summer for other projects but I am back at my blog with lots of interesting and cutting edge information. Here's the lowdown on weight loss for this Fall!

Weight loss by itself is a pretty easy thing to do. Hypothetically speaking if we restrict calories and increase activity then the weight will melt off and we will be successful.

However, this is a highly over simplified view of what has become a huge concern for anyone concerned with weight gain. So if we are so convinced that diet and exercise alone works why are we still fat? Why can’t we keep the weight off once we’ve lost it?

I personally have witnessed how a number of other factors can influence not just weight loss, mood and motivation but also our ability to keep the weight off forever in my psychic readings of my personal training clients. I observed over and over again as I was redirected to the brain for the emotional and mental status that affected metabolic imbalances and ultimately created the weight gain.

The obvious factors:


Activity Level


A Plan


The not so obvious factors are:






Ability to Cope with Stress

Lifestyle Behaviors

Physical Adaptability

Loss of Sleep

Lack of Spiritual Connection

Lack of Purpose



I know what you are thinking…. “If all I want to do is lose physical fat weight then why would I need to work on all those other non-physical things?” The simplest answer I can give you is that all those other non-physical things affect your brain and your brain is the central control panel for your mood, metabolism and weight loss especially long term. First your brain has to be on board then you have to make sure you aren't making the same mistakes you made the first time.

5 Top weight loss mistakes you keep making.

1. You assume that your new diet and perhaps exercise regime is temporary, lose the weight and then you can go back to living and behaving the way you have always lived and behaved.

2. After you regained lost weight you keep repeating the same diets/fitness programs thinking you will get the same great results you did the first time.

3. You assume that what worked for your friend will work for you.

4. You believe in a calorie restriction diet.

5. You focus only on cardiovascular exercise and avoid resistance or strength training (ie: weights).

All of these mistakes are a part of the list of “obvious factors”, the illusion of support. When you see a diet advertised over and over or when a friend recommends you try a new fad diet you are susceptible to a level of support you may have a deep need to fulfill mentally, to belong, to be a part of a larger tribe focused on what you are focused on. And yes, you obviously want something that will work so you take your friend’s word for it. However, you personally, physiologically, mentally may have a very different need a need for a different tribe with the same problem.

Repeating weight loss mistakes is just part of the problem though. The bigger issue is at the bottom of the ice-burg picture. If you have or identify with any of these issues you will need a different way to lose weight, one that can address the underlying reasons why you gained weight to begin with.

Your weight loss goal should then begin with how to change some of those behaviors, mental issues, spiritual issues or heal the energy of abuse or trauma in your body. Once you’ve addressed these things your brain will have a much healthier response to your change in diet, exercise and ultimate weight loss. Addressing the base of the ice-burg will ensure that the rest of your weight loss journey will be a success now that your foundation is healthy, functioning and clear.

These are the reasons why I decided to create a very different weight loss program and offer it to those who may need it most in the form of an online course.

Why did I do this? Because I had my own issues, I wanted to help people get and stay healthy. I had done a lot of spiritual work and so many people had asked me how I stay in shape and at my perfect weight. It took years for me to create new habits. Years of conscious effort and recognition of a need to change but I didn't always "get it" in 3 weeks, or even 3 months. Very often it took years before I recognized a habit that actually worked for me. I was too busy caring for my three children, working for my husband's company and volunteering for my kids school. Now in retrospect I completely understand what I was doing and how I made it a lifelong habit.

I did a lot of soul searching at the same time I was giving psychic mind body readings to my personal training clients. This produced a very different dialogue when it came to weight loss. Something I didn't really expect but here I was asking my clients about things that otherwise would never enter a "weight loss" conversation or any personal trainer conversation for that matter.

I found myself talking to my clients about how I could see they were abused as a child or that they think they married the wrong person or that they had witnessed a traumatic event or had more stress than they could handle. My client's problem wasn’t about the weight but a desperate need to address their thought processes and emotions. These conversations and healings happened while I was coaching them in nutrition, creating their workouts for greater metabolic burn and creating mantras and affirmations to help them reorient their brain’s neural pathways to a healthier flow. It was usually after these open conversations about their personal truth that the weight practically fell off. But I wanted to find a more concrete way of dealing with these issues.

Then I discovered neurofeedback and how that had helped so many people with depression, OCD, ADHD, anxiety, sleep, addictions, mental focus, motivation and overall mood. For years, since the 80’s I had been using meditation CDs that had brain entrainment impulses for these issues, neurotherapy was the next step. I was obsessed with the thought that it could work for people trying to lose weight too! Then by chance I discovered a friend was a neurofeedback technician and as luck would have it (or divine intervention) she came to work with me at my MindBody Mastery studio in Ridgefield Connecticut.

At MindBody Mastery we address all parts of being human when a client wants to pursue a weight loss goal. We provide assessments for nutrition, strength, cardiovascular fitness, body composition, behavior, visualization, brain functioning and spiritual functioning. We are able to create highly specific and customized plans for weight loss that no one else provides. It’s a very gratifying experience to see a client not only lose the weight they wanted to lose but become less stressed, happier, have greater self-esteem and a greater spiritual connection with their purpose, their soul.

Success! This is what this means to me that each person I come in contact with or takes my course first has access to the latest scientifically proven methods for mind body health; but also has new skills and coping strategies that will not only help them keep the weight off but improve their minds and spirits at the same time.

Now that I understood how I could integrate all of these fantastic techniques and technology for individual clients. I wanted to create a plan that would work for anyone whether I was there or not. Something that people could access on their own and reap the multiple benefits, lose weight and even create their own empowering practices!

And this is it! ‘Lose Weight With MindBody Mastery’ on teachable.com

The Lose Weight With MindBody Mastery Plan

Neurotherapeutic Meditations Improve:





Executive Functioning

Mind Exercises Improve:


Stimulation of Frontal Cortex

Menus Improve:

Portion size

Food choices

Meal planning


Workouts Improve:


Cardiovascular Function




Spiritual Exercises Improve:

Ability to Heal Past Trauma

Create a Sense of Purpose

Discover Creativity

Connect with Your Soul

Create a Spiritual Practice that will enhance Peace and Alignment with Divine Will

Passion for Life

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