I Am Not Your Average Trainer

I had just trained 3 people, gave two assessments with psychic readings and then went on to my next appointment which was telling a publicist from California what I psychically saw in her energy over a phone interview when she said “Wow, You are not the average trainer.” In a completely different setting months later, I gave a talk at a men’s club in Connecticut and explained what I do in addition to laying out a workout plan for men who are seniors based on their collective energy. Again the man closest to me said “I don’t know anyone who does what you do!” Earlier that month I gave a Reiki session with a psychic reading to a very overweight woman. I told her I psychically saw how her cortisol levels were very high in comparison to the stress levels she described that she had. I also told her that the past grief of a miscarriage was evident in her energy and elevating estrogen levels as a result. This combination created the perfect environment for significant weight gain over the years. She said “ I’m amazed you knew all that, but how did you know about the hormones and chemicals?”

I understand this seems unusual even unlikely however, you would have to know a little about my background and history to understand why I can do what I do. A very long time ago when I was very young, as a child I had several “imaginary friends”. I was alone a lot as a child and so I had a lot of time to spend with my “imaginary friends”. In that time my friends told me about plants and the earth and animals and how every moment spent with an animal must be filled with kindness and love as the animals would know instinctively if I were a liar or untrustworthy. My friends also told me how to care for plants, how to water them and let them walk in the sunshine (in other words, how I could move them to get better light). They told me about unkind people and said that one day we wouldn’t be talking anymore because I would grow up and have other things to think about and do.

I will never forget those days but those “friends” or spirit guides were right, I did change and what I saw and knew changed. I could psychically see people who were from “the other side” from the shoulders up. I thought everyone did but when I spoke of it to friends they seemed unnerved and didn’t want me to talk about it anymore.

It was during this time in my early teen years I discovered I am clairaudient, clairolfactant, clairsentient and clairvoyant (I can actually see more with my eyes closed than open). My psychic experiences were broad, varied and random. I had no way to control what was happening to me (things I can’t even describe in words). I was aware that I could ask my sisters anything and get an immediate answer in my mind. I could smell what someone was eating just before I physically met them even though they were miles away. I could also feel what they were feeling, especially if it were painful or sexual. The smells, sights and feelings usually left when I was actually with them. Especially with the pain sensations, it was as though the pain remembered it’s owner and no longer needed to describe itself to me. I “got it” and I was then able to describe to the pain’s owner why there was pain and how to alleviate or make the pain disappear entirely. It was these experiences and my desire to help my mother heal from a variety of illnesses that made me realize that I might be able to help other people to heal as well.

Then when I was 18 I received my certification as a group exercise instructor, I loved it! However, this was a crucial time for me as I had to develop a protection system, a way to not see or feel or smell or sense anything about anyone. I had to block out all that I saw or knew about someone so as not to make them feel uncomfortable. My intention was not to psychically see, or analyze or solve or impress anyone. My intention was to workout and provide a healthy example of that workout. So I ignored everything I noticed psychically, clairsentially or claire audiently. This was an important skill I later realized as I went on to work in several other industries that wouldn’t understand my abilities, nor would they consider it a benefit as many had things to hide or were in denial about.

Later I found the more I gave readings the more I realized there was something missing in the mind body puzzle. I was seeing things that indicated important physiological processes and I couldn't figure out what. Then I felt "called" to get certified as a personal trainer and was told from Spirit ( I use this term to describe that which is of divine communication) that I would learn what I needed to know during this process. What I learned about was muscular, skeletal, and other physiological imbalances that had a meaning. Those imbalances were physiological symbols of how people encode their relationships, work and experiences into their bodies. I also learned about metabolism and how numerous chemical or hormonal imbalances could affect: energy levels, brain functioning or weight. This was like finding gold! After learning about those chemical and hormonal imbalances I was then able to identify the pattern of energy I was seeing repetitively between certain organs and the brain. "Ahhh" I thought "I just needed to give my brain a picture of reference in order to identify that process again if I saw it in someone's energy during a reading!" Eureka! I had figured out what was plaguing my client's beyond hard tissue imbalances!

I could then pass the information on to my clients, however this was not acceptable for your average personal trainer. The protocol for an average personal trainer is to make assessments, discover the clients goals and then provide a diet and exercise regime to accomplish those goals. This process never includes the actual hormonal or chemical reality of the client. Nor does it include the energetic history of that client. If someone is emotionally scarred from abuse as a child they will never lose the weight they so hope to lose simply because those issues aren't even revealed and yet those issues are exactly why they gained the weight to begin with. If a client suffers from depression they will never reach the peak performance levels they want to reach. If we as fitness professionals keep excluding the emotions, the mental processing or spiritual inspiration our clients need for total wellbeing then we will never really succeed. We will have only scraped the surface and made a little money in the process. It is for this reason why so many people lose weight or get in shape initially but aren't able to maintain that success. We fitness professionals have simply ignored the real problems. The reality was, I felt trapped working in the clubs and gyms that ignored who and what people were from the inside.

Now however, I am thrilled to say that I am finally able to work with my clients the way I’ve always wanted to…..psychically. I psychically read my clients in assessments, Reiki healings and behavior change coaching. My ability to proverbially “cut to the chase” has allowed me to say and suggest things to my clients that actually speed their progress to their goals (in some cases eliminate the need for therapy altogether), relieve pain entirely and bring a sense of empowerment and wellbeing they hadn’t experienced before. I am thankful to God that He has given me this ability to help people.

When I give an assessment I usually begin with a psychic reading. This is true especially if there is a weight loss goal. I can “see” chemical or hormonal imbalances, relationship issues that affect strength or muscular imbalances. All of these things can and have affected total health and wellbeing for many. It is of vital importance that I include the entire person when attempting to help them lose weight, perform at their peak or heal from a trauma. Their spirit, their soul brought them to me and it is my responsibility to get the details of their mind body and soul for greatest results. Ultimately their human physical goals are simply the gateway to greater epiphanies, greater compassion, understanding and love for themselves and unity with life force, the divine and what is sacred about being energetic spirit having a human experience. It’s called evolution.

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