Add Your Man To Your Fitness Plan

Workout Plan for Me and My Man

Very often we take up the goal of getting more fit, more healthy or to lose weight. What we forget is that all that extra time we spend attaining those goals is time spent without your significant other. Your time is a precious commodity and your partner or husband is probably high on your priority list, why not try to include your partner in your workouts!

Including your man in your workout plan can increase communication, intimacy, self-esteem and empathy between the two of you. In that role, you both have the opportunity to recognize each others accomplishments. That recognition alone can be enough to motivate you to even greater success.

How do you include your man in your plan? Think about what your man likes to do or would like to improve like his jump shot, endurance or his golf swing. Promise him he will improve his game while getting healthier as a result of your workout together. The added benefit of your dual sweat session is precious time spent together!

Here are some ideas for your Man Plan Workout:

  1. CARDIO. Keep it simple and fun!

If you are going to create your own workout, think about starting with cardio intervals, this will increase stamina for more intensive workouts later on. For example:

10 minute Walk briskly to warm up

2 minute jog

2 minute walk

2 minute climb stairs

Keep working in intervals like this until you have completed about 45 minutes worth of cardio. Take the time to cool down go for a slow walk and allow your heart rate to return to 110 beats per minute or less before sitting down and working abdominals (30 crunches and 30 leg extensions see below)

  1. STRENGTH. Try this version of a beginner bootcamp and gradually increase intensity as he gets stronger.

Warm up: Brisk walk 10 minutes then stretch

Set up stations for legs, shoulders, chest, biceps and abs

Station 1: Walking lunges: Take a long step forward and lower your body so the front thigh is paralllel with the floor and your back knee points straight down. Continue walking lunges for 15 to 20 total steps and then walking lunge back. Heart rate will be lower

Station 2: Total body conditiong:

From a standing postition, bend over and place hands on ground, push one foot back at a time to form a plank, then bring one foot back at at time toward hands, stand back up take a small jump and repeat. (heart rate will get higher)

Station 3: Shoulders:

Choose a hand weight that is appropriate for you, around 3-10 pound ones for beginners. Holding one weight in each hand, push hand weights straight in out in front of your chest pull them back to shoulders and then straight up above your shoulders and then lower back down to your shoulders. Repeat this sequence 15 times

Station 4: Legs:

Walking lunges with hand weights, take a step forward while arms are extended down by your sides and lunge at the same time you bend your elbow and lift hand weights to shoulders to work biceps. Repeat 30 times

Rest: 1 minute

Station 5: Abdominals:

Sit on the floor and position your hands behind you fingers facing your buttocks. Tilt your torso back at a 45 degree angle, inhale drawing knees into chest, then exhale hard and extend the legs out at a 45 degree angle. Repeat 20 times. Then move forward onto hands and knees, straighten to a plank and draw right knee in and up to left shoulder, return to plank posititon. Then draw left knee in and angle toward right shoulder. Repeat each side 15 times.

Repeat entire workout another 2 rounds equalling about an hour, then stretch and rest.

  1. COUPLES COORDINATION AND BALANCE. Depending on each other for coordination and balance is a great way to explore your levels of trust and intimacy. Try some of these exercises together.

Back to back Squats, gluteus and quadricep workout:

Stand with both of your backs against each other, walk legs out about two to three feet, while pushing against each other slowly lower your bodies until thighs are parallel to the floor. Repeat 15 times.

Chest Press, and abdominal workout:

Have your man lie on the floor, you lie on top of him clasp each others hands and push yourself into a plank position ( your feet are on the floor) and his elbows are bent at a right angle and supported on the floor. Slowly lower yourself by bending your elbows into 45 degree angle and hold while your man pushes up on your hands using you as resistance and you get to isometrically hold your plank position working your abs while he works chest for his 15 reps.

Waist trimmer, quadricep workout:

Stand back to back in an isometric squat (see instructions above, with backs facing each other and thighs parallel to floor) hold a medicine ball (between 8 and 16 lbs) and twist to hand it to your partner, then rotate to the other side and grab the ball from him creating a full rotation. Keep passing the ball in that direction for 15 to 20 reps and then reverse to the other side and repeat for 15 reps.

Choosing to spend time working out together can only improve the relationship you already have. Use this time to support and cherish each other while doing something healthy for yourself. Enjoy!

**Please be advised to check with your doctor before starting any weight loss or exercise program. I generally recommend supervision for beginners. Check your local directories for accredited certified personal trainers who can guide your progress. ***

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