The Beach Balance Working Out While on Vacation with Family

I love getting a break and going away for awhile. It helps to break the daily pattern of life and allows us to rejuvenate in a different environment. This year we went to Myrtle beach in South Carolina. It was beautiful to see the ocean extend out the entire horizon. It's sweeping beaches were the perfect environment to challenge me in a different way.

Whenever I go away I am always thinking of how and where I will workout. This time our location had an indoor pool and exercise room but no free weights (darn!). I had a definite plan for cardio but I had to figure something else out for resistance training.

My other predicament was that whatever I planned on doing had to fit into my family's schedule. Here is what I came up with...

7:30am: Walk on the beach or swim laps 1 hour. Return to get family and have breakfast together.

10:00am: Hit the beach, a little on the early side so it's cooler and I wasn't going to be overheated by the sun. While my family walked along the beach, threw a ball and made friends, I did brief strength intervals.

10 pushups, 10 back extensions, 10 (cross body climbers) planks with knee crossing to opposite shoulder, 10 pushups with hands closer and elbows close to sides for triceps. Repeat intervals 4 times.

Finally I switched my position to lying on my back and did 40 crunches, 40 leg extensions and 40 jackknives.

The entire strength workout took about 15-20 minutes and I felt great! I was so happy that I was able to keep an exercise routine that didn't interrupt time with my family :)

After the strength training workout I was able to enjoy the beach and relax with my family. When you are able to keep up a healthy routine during vacation it not only gives you that endorphin rush so emotionally you feel great but you also won't lose ground on your fitness goals, a win/win in my book. An additional benefit is that your kids and friends might even be inspired enough to join you. Spreading the thought that physical activity is just as fun on the beach as it is at the gym.

There are so many benefits of visiting a beach! The exposure to the natural salts from the ocean are legendary. I found myself tasting salt in the air, that meant that I was also purifying my skin, and lungs. My son who has terrible allergies every Springtime was thrilled there were zero effects on the beach. Think your good mood and beach are coincidental? Not! The negative ions in the air help to improve mood by increasing serotonin and relieving stress as well.

All of these things, physical activity, salt filled environment and negative ions produce really positive effects on our aura and energy. Our minds, bodies and spirits literally shift. When I see someone on a beach I often see their energy raising in vibration. In some cases I see the ocean waves enmesh with a person's energy. It's as though the mind of the ocean is a natural healer and it's only purpose is to help us become healthier and happier. What's better than that for a healthy vacation?!

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