Mind Body Communication

“I’m amazed what I learned about my body tonight!” I said “Oh very good, I’m so happy for you! What did you learn?”

The workshop I was giving was called Be a Body Psychic and had several exercises in it that facilitated communication between the mind and body for the participants. This student’s name was Amanda, she said “Well I came in here thinking that I would just maybe learn a few meditation techniques or hear a different perspective but I was surprised that I actually found my body responding to the visualizations we did. Sincerely, before tonight I really felt that my body was simply a vehicle to carry my brain around!” I said “...and now?” Amanda replied “ I had no idea that my body could literally speak to me or that it could hold information” I said “What was the message?” She said, “ I need to eat better and start exercising, and that I still have a lot of anger toward my mother that I need to let go of.”

Experiences like this are typical in my workshops. What I find interesting is that people are so surprised about it. Most studies on the prevention of disease reflect the importance of getting control over stress levels. Many studies find that stress is the number one cause of many diseases including heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s the list goes on and on.

Why would we be hesitant to believe that our bodies not only retain our daily experiences but allow those reactions and experiences to affect our health? Our minds and bodies are inextricably linked, therefore they are forces to be acknowledged and listened to. How we think and what our reactions are to our circumstances have more to do with our health, how we age and cope with stress than anything else. Why wouldn’t it be worthy of closer study and contemplation?

We humans are unique in that we have this physical vehicle to house our souls. We are literally the embodiment of our spirits. Everything we feel, think, touch or experience is recorded in our body’s inner mind. That information can benefit us and empower our health. We have evidence of this every day. We may experience an eccelerated heart rate after a talk with our boss or end up with an injury after experiencing an emotional event. The body is rarely random when it comes to communicating when something doesn’t resonate or sound like your truth to you, your body will let you know one way or another.

There are mind body experiences that give us more obvious messages like catching a cold that forces you to rest and clear your mind. Or the overuse injury that forces you to take a different job. These are more dramatic examples but even the more subtle may hold valuable information. Some subtle forms of communication from the body include ailments like: allergies, subtle headaches, joint pain or intestinal issues. In every case, your body is communicating something of importance to you. How do you listen to what your body wants you to know? There are several ways to listen here’s one of them.

I end my ballet barre classes with a meditation/visualization for this purpose. During meditation I focus on calming my mind down first. Once I feel I am calm and clear and the mental chatter has stopped, I then focus on what is called a body scan. In the body scan I imagine that my awareness resides inside my brain, then as I breathe I allow my awareness to flow down into my face, mouth, cheeks and chin. With another breath I allow my awareness to systematically flow down into my throat, then my chest, then my lungs etc. one body part at a time until I’ve come all the way down to my feet. Whenever I enter a new area of my body I stop and allow myself to feel whatever is happening in there. Sometimes you will see a symbol, shape or get a sense of a feeling or a word. This is especially true if you are a creative person who is used to thinking “outside the box” so to speak. If you receive no messages at all then that particular area of the body is probably fine and you can move on to the next.

Giving yourself a body scan is the best way to acknowledge the wisdom of your body while developing and fine tuning a more connected sense of self. Use the body scan frequently try one every night just to check in with yourself. If you have no physical issues you need clarification about, then you can move on to a different part of communication, asking your body for certain outcomes.

We can literally program our bodies for better health, happiness and things like weight loss or lower blood pressure. Many people have had great success with bio feedback. If you find that technique helpful go for it. I don’t think getting expensive feedback training is necessary however. You have all that you need to create what you want. For most people the harder issue is training yourself to get into a habit of meditating and creating time for your body scan practice. I recommend spending about fifteen minutes before bed to get your mind used to tuning out of your daily dialogue and tune into your body mind conversation.

If the practice I outlined above feels too difficult to manage yourself, I do have a CD for the body scan and three other mindbody meditations. The last track is a great tool for beginner meditators. It is an open ended meditation that begins with a led visualization about relaxation and ends with fifteen additional minutes of meditation music. The CD was originally meant to accompany the workbook I wrote that attendees of my workshops would use. The entire workbook/CD is $18 the CD alone is $8 plus shipping and handling.

In addition to my workbook and CD I also give mind body readings. Sometimes clients will ask me for a reading for clarification of their own mind body scan or to better understand a physical/mental issue. You can always book those appointments “psychic readings” right here on my site.

When you develop a better level of communication with your body you will no doubt enjoy deeper sleep, better self esteem, a more clear sense of communication overall and deep sense of wellbeing. Try a body scan and tell me what you experienced! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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