In the Beginning......We have Roots

Are you moving? Changing jobs, spouses or diet? Do you have a sense of anxiety or anger about any of it? Then you want to work with your root chakra energy to improve and ground the new things you want to manifest. When you are facing decisions about your soul mate, where you will live, how you will support yourself, feed, house and protect yourself you are using the energy of your root chakra. By specifically being mindful of your root chakra you will not only feel physically better but you will also set off a domino effect of great chemical and hormonal reactions within the body. Increased physical activity will boost endorphins, seratonin, GABA and support adrenal activity.

The root chakra encompasses the base of the spine, coccyx, perimeum, legs and feet.

Similar to any part of the body, the root chakra needs to be loved and cared for. The root chakra holds the essence of all things physical, so physical exercise is crucial to the root chakra functioning. That type of exercise should reflect your personal needs. For instance, if you find your knees, ankles, feet or heels are weak or prone to injury then exercising to strengthen those areas will greatly strengthen your physical presence on earth.

When I’m looking at a clients energy I’m working with, I follow the flow of energy first from the top of the head to the feet and then in reverse from the feet to the head. When I see a gap or a particularly light spot at the base of the spine I know this person has either just recently moved, had issues with their job or are jobless. I get more specific based on the details my psychic readings give me. It’s that first acknowledgement of weakness though, in that energy center that will make me look more closely to their knees, ankles and feet. More often than not one or more of those areas are suffering an undue amount of stress as a result of the lack of first chakra functioning.

When we are balanced, healthy and have a sense of grounding in our upbringing (that’s right when you were a kid) we have a better more optimistic outlook for the successful manifestation of our root chakra needs. If you have, as a child, experienced: trauma, moved several times, come from an abusive home or just didn’t feel that you were cared for the way you needed or wanted to by either parent, you could have some root chakra imbalances that need to be healed.

The best way to manage a root chakra imbalance is to move. Walking or running or jogging outside and without injuries is a great way to literally reconnect the root energy with the earth. It’s called the root chakra because it literally connects us to the earth. Try to imagine your nervous system and arteries spreading out and down your legs through your feet and penetrating the earth with every step. At the same time thanking and appreciating your legs and feet and root for their support.

There are other great ways to energize and balance the root chakra. Go out into the woods or forest and find a level area. Keeping both feet grounded and feeling your weight in your heels stand with back long in a neutral pose and then lower your body into a squat position (if you feel tension or pain in your knees, keep your thighs parallel to the earth go no lower) hold while breathing deeply for ten seconds then slowly lift and repeat. As you lift your body up acknowledge and see in your mind’s eye all of the nourishing, balancing and reenergizing energy flowing up from the earth through your feet and up through the rest of the central nervous system. Repeat severl times or until you feel fear, anger and anxiety ebb away.

You can also just sit down on a rock or on the earth and imagine that flow of earth energy coming up through your spinal column and reenergizing every living cell within your body. Performing exercises like this will not only make you feel better, more calm and relaxed but it will give you the clarity and peace of mind to make decisions about what you want to manifest. Visualize yourself making clear win/win choices to create successful home moves, relationships and health

Master this chakra with strategic movement alternating with rest. If you are overworked or too tired to perform any of these exercises you will be missing a crucial element of what you require to live healthfully on this earth. Ask yourself what is making you tired? Is it work? Are you tired because you’ve set an unhealthy pace for your life? Then ask yourself where you need help, is it sleep or learning how to set your schedule to accomodate you and no one else? Be specific and clear about what is draining you and make clear decisions to eliminate or at least alter those things for better rest.

Once you have given yourself enough time to explore what your root chakra is saying to you on a daily basis, you won’t forget it. Those intuitive hits or yearnings are clues to your better health and wellbeing. Who doesn’t want that? Listen well, move often and try some of the exercises I mentioned above now, go grow some roots!


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