Change Your Mind Change Your Body

Quick! What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you think of your body?

Write those words down and make a note if they are positive words or not. Do you need to work on how you identify with your body? Do you feel fantastic about your responses? If not you may want to try something different.

Many of us have lots of motivation and we are able to consciously process the details when starting a new health or fitness program. However positive we may be in that moment of commitment we may be sabotaging ourselves with negative subconscious thoughts or criticisms.

Your most powerful tool in your goal getting toolbox is your mind. Making changes in how you see, feel and think about yourself can be the key to your weight loss or fitness success. We’ve all experienced some form of negative self talk over the years. We may have even been able to catch ourselves while it’s happening. Sometimes we are successful in stopping the initial assault but there needs to be a more reliable and repetitive way of changing your thought process.

The brain has a way of storing physical, visual and verbal messages and then replaying it over and over again, this sends signals and messages to your body. Those messages may increase blood pressure, retain water or increase insulin. Alternately it can also increase metabolism, lower blood pressure and aid in deep relaxation. If an energetic impulse through the brain is repeated enough it becomes a habit. The mental habit then becomes the basis of your reality. If you go around saying thing like “I’m fat, I’ve always been fat, I’ll never lose the weight” then more than likely that will be your life experience.

Who knew this better than gold medalists in almost every Olympic competition since the 1940s. Athletes like Billie Jean King, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Laurie Hernandez have all used visualization and physicalization techniques to be successful. The more specific you can be and the more senses you can include the better. Many of these athletes not only “saw” themselves winning inside their mind they also heard the crowd roar and moved their bodies in ways that would mimick a successful outcome.

After years of reading people’s energy and how important it is to set their energetic stage for success I started researching ways to empower their minds with visualization and physicalization. Instead of using these techniques for sports or athletic purposes WE are going to use them to get very clear on what you want to manifest for your body. Whether it’s weight loss, feeling more fit, or hitting some other healthy markers, visualization with physicalization can jump start your game and help you to stay motivated.

In my MindbodyMastery 21 Day Plan, I give directions on how to begin your own vision board so you can see yourself succeeding. I also think it’s a great idea to choose a winning theme song that you listen to while using movements that make you feel like a rock star. Write an affirmation or mantra that will help your mind and body remember these great moments and pictures in your mind. A mantra should be succinct, powerful and in the present tense. Say things to yourself like “I ALWAYS get my goal, I am losing 20 pounds!” or “I have a very fast metabolism” or “I lose weight easily and effortlessly!” say it with exuberance! Get excited about your success and create a ritual of the visualization and movements then use them two or three times a day.

Once you’ve got your new habit in place your body will follow along. Keep positive while you repeat your visualizations, affirmations and physicalizations and choose to ignore the negativity of others. This not only will help you improve your self image but it is an empowering experience if you give it enough energy. Good luck! You got this!

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