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Hi! Welcome to MindBody Mastery! I am thrilled to be launching and starting this my new blog on my site.

I call this site MindBody Mastery because I have a unique set of skills that I use to help people succeed at their mindbody, weight loss or fitness goals. I am a NASM and AFAA certified personal trainer and a metabolic coach. I am also a Reiki Master and a psychic who can identify physiological, emotional, mental or spiritual issues that may be holding you back from being your REAL RADIANT self.

Teaching my clients about their mind/body connection is extremely exciting for me, not just because it will improve their health or help them lose weight but because it's a powerful place to live life. Once you are able to tap into your personal mind/body power you will be able to shed pounds, feel deep relaxation and develop the body you've always wanted. Mastering your mind/body connection is a dynamic and empowering process, one that you will never regret delving into. I have fantastic ways for you to reconnect, revitalize and tap into your body's wisdom for energy, inspiration and success!

This is a lifetime area of expertise for me. As a mother of three, I've been in the role of care-taker, career woman, dancer and domestic goddess! Those and other life experiences like; being a gymnast, a group exercise instructor and illustrator, has given me opportunities to study human anatomy and our very individual styles of mind/body communication over the course of 30 years, in very different ways.

Working with me you will find that instead of fighting your body or wishing you had someone else's body, you will grow an appreciation for who and what you are. You will find yourself growing in partnership with your mind/body connection and create greater personal strength from it. As you grow and communicate more and more clearly you will be stunned at what you can accomplish.

The good news is you are already here! You are investigating this site and this blog, that is the first powerful step toward being the you, you've always wanted to be. Think of a goal and it can be accomplished. If you find something difficult we will work through it together. What is most important is that you feel good, you have plenty of energy and an excellent quality of life. Everything we hope to accomplish begins right here, in our bodies ...let's make it AWESOME!

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