Nicole Fevrier Davis

Nicole has spent 30 years developing a unique set of skills designed to bring better mental, spiritual and physical health to her clients and students.  “Miraculous!”, “Amazing!”, “Wonderful!”, “Inspirational!”, “Fantastic!” Are just a few of the words Nicole’s clients have used to describe their experiences with her. 


“I believe that thinking of ourselves as whole spirits in active, fun loving, inspired bodies starts to become a lifestyle; one you can’t imagine living without.” Nicole Fevrier Davis Certified Personal Trainer, Psychic and Reiki Master.


Nicole’s super effective approach to a totally healthy, fulfilled and inspired life combines her intuitive abilities and recognized wellness disciplines she has mastered. Nicole’s is a certified personal trainer by accredited institutions such as: NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America) and certified Pilates instructor (Kane Core School), metabolic technician, NASM Behavior Change Specialist as well as Reiki Master, artist and psychic.  Nicole’s psychic ability became more intense and detailed during her education in art, she is able to depict her client's aura and energy in portraits and paintings. Her guiding principle and mission statement is “Helping people to lead a successful, empowered and healthy lifestyle.”  












Nicole adeptly balances her scientific physical expertise with her mental, emotional and spiritual gifts as a psychic. She has the unique ability to advise her clients and guide them through mental, emotional and spiritual issues while advising them about the science of their body. The combination unlocks the exciting connection between mind and body and the information is both empowering as well as enlightening.


Nicole’s expertise in the mind/body connection is a sought-after resource for health and wellness related venues.  She has written Fit Body articles for Natural Awakenings (a holistic magazine), LoHud Journal News Westchester as well as The Citizen News and Poughkeepsie Journal’s “Living and Being” section.  She is currently a fitness and mind-body editorial contributor for eBella magazine.


Nicole is a frequent guest speaker and expert trainer for conferences and expos throughout the Northeast (such as New Life Expo NY, NY, Whole Health Expo Springfield MA,  Women’s Expo Hartford CT and The Awakenings Expo, Tarrytown NY) with several repeat speaking engagements at destination spas like the New Age Health Spa in Neversink NY. 


















Having written numerous articles, Nicole's focus encompasses the entire depth and breadth of the mind-body connection.  From youth fitness, obesity, psychic development, soul growth through fitness and metabolism Nicole covers every aspect of a spiritual being living a healthy human experience.  She has also written mind/body workshops for spas and holistic centers as well as care for caregivers talks and lectures.  Her workshop and what later became a workbook, Be a Body Psychic 2008, was an all-new milestone in mind/body awareness, the latest edition of Be a Body Psychic is now available (as of 2015) as a new course for called Unlock Your Body Secrets.



The information gathered from numerous psychic readings led Nicole to also create a more holistic and sustainable weight loss program called Lose Weight with MindBody Mastery on    which includes the cutting-edge use of mind training meditation videos to improve mood, sleep, and motivation while decreasing anxiety the resulting increase of cortisol.  











Nicole has been featured on radio: Star 99.9 on the Anna and Raven Show, 100.7 WHUD with Host Kacey on her Health and Happiness show, Rockland World Radio and Robinhood Radio.  She has been the fitness expert for FOXCT News and mind-body expert for New York Live (NBC):


Nicole started, a blog website for mind-body exploration highlighting psychic and healing events and experiences.  More recently Nicole has created and launched which features her eBella articles and the continuing development of information about our intuitive mind/body connection, fitness motivation strategies and workout trends.  She’s been described as the “Only psychic personal trainer I know, and the only one who considers the whole person even their soul when getting fit” by a famous publicist who coined the hashtag #notyouraveragetrainer.


In addition to her extensive background in mind/body, fitness and wellness Nicole spent 10 years in television production (UPN, CBS and KingWorld Productions).  She developed a series called "Healthy Hudson Valley" which highlighted fun and unique fitness trends in the Hudson Valley region of New York. This gave her a unique advantage when creating her newest venture MindBody Power, a pilot featuring Nicole’s signature personal training style can be seen on at this link:


Nicole 51, lives in Sherman Connecticut and is the mother of 3 sons.  For more information you can check out her website or contact Nicole at (646) 739-7879 or e-mail