Muscle is Sexier! Why and How Muscle Development Can Boost Your Metabolism and Keep you Looking Sex

“I don’t want to look like a man!” Was the response from a new client I had and was about to show a free weight workout to. I stopped and said “I can show you any workout you want, Pilates, kick-boxing, body weight resistance training or calisthenics. However, you have described to me a set of goals (and a timeline you want those goals) that dictate a resistance training program, preferably one that is specific and will be a challenge.” She looked at me blankly for a moment. I went on to explain, “I would never give you a program that I would say, … give your husband, or your brother. I train women so they look even more like a woman only more graceful and defined.” My client clearly lik

Share Our Strengths, Bonding Builds Success!!

Sure they are your friends. You love talking with them, entertaining each other, sharing experiences and trouble shooting together but here’s the real reason why you will absolutely ADORE them! Your friends are a very important key to the success of any of your goals! Fitness and weight loss are usually top on the list of those most impacted by your posse. When I work with clients and their weight loss goals I’m looking for several different metrics. Of course I want to know their health history, exercise readiness, diet, mental status and many other points. However, I find that having a support network and getting motivation from a spouse, good friend or team member is crucial to their s

Hypersensitive and Overweight? There's a reason for that

There are a lot of startling statistics regarding obesity in America. 40% of Adults are obese, another 30% are overweight and our teen population seem to be following in those steps. There are many factors that contribute to that epidemic weight gain. Some might say it’s our upsizing fast food American mentality, metabolism, sugar, carbs, our lazy culture or sedentary computer dependent lifestyle. These things are actually symptoms of a much more intangible yet extremely important element in weight balance. It’s tempting to pin blame on these and only these tangible parts of our human experience but we need to look deeper. My experiences as a psychic is actually what led me to believe th

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