I Am Not Your Average Trainer

I had just trained 3 people, gave two assessments with psychic readings and then went on to my next appointment which was telling a publicist from California what I psychically saw in her energy over a phone interview when she said “Wow, You are not the average trainer.” In a completely different setting months later, I gave a talk at a men’s club in Connecticut and explained what I do in addition to laying out a workout plan for men who are seniors based on their collective energy. Again the man closest to me said “I don’t know anyone who does what you do!” Earlier that month I gave a Reiki session with a psychic reading to a very overweight woman. I told her I psychically saw how her c


If you've been thinking about joining a gym or club it’s a good idea to know some key points before you make that commitment. First, think about who you are, what are your expectations, what are your goals, what can you afford to spend on a gym membership every month and how far do you want to travel to get your goals? Details like these can make or break your healthy lifestyle intentions and gym experience. Doing a little self study and homework before you join can save you a lot of money and make it easier to keep up the good habits you hope to establish. The following describes three most common types of personalities I have come across in the 30 years and a dozen or so clubs I’ve work

YES!! What's Holding You Back?

Around the new year many of us create new weight loss goals or fitness goals that have the shiny sparkle of a brand new penny. Initially there is a lot of excitement and a newness to your New Year’s resolutions and jumping on the bandwagon looks very attractive. “Yes!” You’re thinking, awesome I can’t wait to lose the weight and get in shape!” The problem for many is that as the newness wears off and the day to day struggle for time and energy to stick to their goals become very real. Their goals begin to wane and they lose interest and momentum. I try to help my clients by doing a mental inventory with them before they begin a new program because it’s always good to take into account whe

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