Thankful, Everything in Moderation, Lessons from My Father

Every year someone asks me to write an article about how to keep weight off during the holidays or how to exercise during the holidays or keep your sanity during the holidays (you get the idea). However, I don’t think keeping fit and keeping your weight down are the goals. If we can focus on what our limbic brain experiences during the holidays it may help us to view ourselves as a whole instead of this nagging need to control weight. The holidays are filled with love and compassion (usually) and they have the potential of fulfilling our emotional and mental needs which are crucial to overall weight health and fitness. So why not focus on those things that come to us naturally during the

The Metabolism Mystery

The word “metabolism” seems to confuse many people, very often I see a client’s eyes glaze over and their eyebrows knit together in response to the mention of it. For most people metabolism is the mystery part of being human that eludes our personal goals to lose weight period; and not much more is known beyond that. Health and fitness advertisers seem to take advantage of that fact (remember the fitness industry’s revenue was a wopping a 83.1 billion dollars last year according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association). Many supplement or food advertisements will claim “Boost Your Metabolism” or “In theory, you should get a huge metabolic burn after this workout”. I

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