Flexibility Happens!!

Being flexible is just as important as say, being able to run 3 miles, squat 200 pounds or perform 2 minutes worth of burpees. Let’s say it is possibly one of the more important physical traits one can have. The body benefits are limitless. Your ability to move freely with the greatest range of motion and to do it comfortably is probably the best way to protect your joints and ligaments from wear and tear or injury. Making stretch a priority to your workouts is essential for long term development of strength and flexibility. There is a mind body power to having a flexible body. As the mind reflects what the body is experiencing the reverse is also true. People who are more flexible in

Shock Your Teen Workout with Them =)

Years ago (pre-cell phone, tablet, I-Pad, computer age) there was an assumption that you were pretty much fit if you were a teenager. Now however, teen obesity is on the rise. In 1980 only 5% of the teenage population aged 12-19 years old were considered to be obese. In 2015 13.9% of the highschool teen population alone was obese with another 16% considered to be overweight. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommend “Children and adolescents should have 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of physical activity daily”. If the activity is aerobic it should be of a moderate to vigorous intensity. The 1 hour a day should include muscle strengthening for at least 3 days out of th

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