Mind Body Communication

“I’m amazed what I learned about my body tonight!” I said “Oh very good, I’m so happy for you! What did you learn?” The workshop I was giving was called Be a Body Psychic and had several exercises in it that facilitated communication between the mind and body for the participants. This student’s name was Amanda, she said “Well I came in here thinking that I would just maybe learn a few meditation techniques or hear a different perspective but I was surprised that I actually found my body responding to the visualizations we did. Sincerely, before tonight I really felt that my body was simply a vehicle to carry my brain around!” I said “...and now?” Amanda replied “ I had no idea that my

Root, Birth and Baby

The root chakra is most active when planning a family. All of the characteristics are there; where to live, financial stability, when or how many children should you have. The birth process is intimately woven into the fabric of first chakra energy. You create your birth plan and hope everything falls into place but sometimes your mind, body or baby have a different agenda. I found out that I was pregnant with my first son on Valentine’s Day 1997. I was ecstatic beyond belief! I devoted myself to research about pregnancy, nutrition, the birthing process and physical strengthening and preparation for birth. Luckily I was certified in pre and post natal fitness, I was used to visualizing m

In the Beginning......We have Roots

Are you moving? Changing jobs, spouses or diet? Do you have a sense of anxiety or anger about any of it? Then you want to work with your root chakra energy to improve and ground the new things you want to manifest. When you are facing decisions about your soul mate, where you will live, how you will support yourself, feed, house and protect yourself you are using the energy of your root chakra. By specifically being mindful of your root chakra you will not only feel physically better but you will also set off a domino effect of great chemical and hormonal reactions within the body. Increased physical activity will boost endorphins, seratonin, GABA and support adrenal activity. The root

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