Meditation can assist you and make your journey easier if you want to make any lifestyle changes or create something new like a relationship, new job, lose weight or just be happier. Studies show that "priming" the mind for success increases your ability to manifest the life you desire. Beginner stages meditation include the ability to quiet the mind and learn stillness for 10-20 minutes. Intermediate stages include quieting the mind, being still and beginning to hone the skill for more specific purposes like visualizations to gain insights and information. The more proficient you become the more you will be able to work on manifesting specific outcomes in deeper and deeper states held for longer periods of 45 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours.


Nicole is available to teach beginner to more advanced personalized meditation practices

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You can also see Nicole on her new Podcast with Positive Impact Magazine's Love Infinity

You can get really positive spiritual conversations about meditations, practices, manifestation, health, weight loss and all things mind and body.


























  Books Available



Be A Body Psychic Workbook $25 Now Just $19.99















Beginner to Intermediate practice for visualization

This is a workbook I wrote for the original Be a Body Psychic workshop

The workbook has 4 led visualizations and symbol interpretation section to assist you in decoding your own mind body messages as well as problem solving, aligning flow and a body scan. There is also a beginner meditation with led visualization to help you relax and then learn the practice of quieting the mind. You can journal about all of it in the journalling section and track your progress.