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I am so happy and pleased to announce that I am featuring some of my (and your) favorite products and jewelry items here on my website! I have given this a LOT of thought.  I have diligently cultivated over years of searching for the right products to make my clients look and feel great!

Please take a look and remember how you felt when you rested on my Healthyline Far-Infrared Mat, remember the incredible smell of the silky smooth creams I used when massaging your hands. Do you remember why I wear a Merkabah necklace? I'm guided by one of my favorite ArchAngels Metatron! I wear his symbol every day but you can choose from a number of inspired and powerful necklaces and earrings for your own balance and spiritual connection!

Presenting Nicole's Favorite List

Healthy Line

Jade, Tourmaline, and Amethyst

Far-Infrared Mats

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Sacred Geometry Jewelry



It was June of 2018 when I started seeing a golden grid funnel pop out of my body and envelop my Reiki clients on my table during their session. I also heard a voice tell me certain things about something called the Merkabah, specific things about my clients, and asked me to start reading "The Keys of Enoch" (later I read about these things and found they do exist).


When I saw the grid again pop up over the front door of my studio I finally lay down on my own table and asked "Who are you?". He said "I am Metatron, protector of all who speak God's word." Metatron became one of my guiding angels during all of my Reiki sessions along with Raphael, Gabriel, Ezekiel, and later Raziel.

Although I was aware of something called Metatron's cube I didn't feel called to get one until I remembered Greg Hoag's work. I had a booth next to his at the New Life Expo in Manhattan about 15 years ago. His work was exquisite and his sales people were so kind and generous as to offer me one of his sacred geometry necklaces for "holding and grounding a really positive energy for our little corner of the expo." I was thrilled and loved the necklace. When I was aware that Metatron's cube existed in the Metaforms collection I knew THAT was the one I wanted (center photo). From the moment I put it on I felt something shift, I felt a little light-headed and immediately peaceful. I love my necklace and have had soooo many compliments on it that I felt this is an essential addition to my new shopping page!

Click the link below to find these gorgeous sacred geometry necklaces and a myriad more of his amazing sculptures and other signature I-Connect jewelry!

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Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 10.40.08 AM.pn
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More Fantastic Finds Coming Soon!