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Get More Energy

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When you Join MindBody Mastery Makeover you will get:


1) Fantastic menu plan and tips

2) Fun Science-based Full Body 30-minute workouts

3) Questionnaires to help you create personalized weight loss affirmations

4) Brain training meditations to help stop food addictions, increase motivation, improve mood and sleep

5) Heart rate training schedule to Maximize Your Metabolism

6) Visualizations to synchronize your mind and body to your goals

7) Stress Coping Strategies 

8) The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan







Workshops available in person




Nicole brings a dynamic and exciting element to her speaking engagements. Nicole has worked in the fitness and wellness industries for over 30 years. As a certified personal trainer (NASM and AFAA), Reiki Master and psychic. Nicole is considered to be an expert in her field. In addition to providing outstanding personal training, Reiki and psychic services, Nicole is an exceptional speaker. She manages to not only capture her audience and their souls she inspires and empowers them as well.  Nicole has a talent for inspiring groups and setting the stage on fire.  Her audiences are often left with a sense of exhilaration and shout out loud JOY.


Nicole's expertise is requested as a frequent guest speaker and expert trainer for conferences and expos throughout the northeast including:  The New Life Expo NYNY, Whole Health Expo MA, Women's Expo CT, Awakenings NY.  She was a regular seasonal guest speaker at the New Age Health Spa for five years. 


Nicole has customized workshops for wellness expos, spas and holistic centers. Her workshop Be a Body Psychic was an all new milestone in mind/body awareness and continues to be a perennial favorite for therapeutic practitioners such as massage therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, and other mind-body professionals. 


In addition to her private practice Nicole is a fitness and wellness editorial contributor for local and national publications and she has written a course for called Unlock Your Body Secrets. She recently launched a ground-breaking online 21 Day weight loss course called Lose Weight With MindBody Mastery on:


Nicole's Workshops:

Embodying Enlightenment: This workshop can be taken either while on the Lose Weight with MindBody Mastery online course or as a stand alone weight loss program. The course allows participants to explore the "Top 10 Things You Need To Lose Weight" (blog) as well as gain the support and insights from other workshop attendees. The participant experience is enriched by the examples of how others created or handled each of the lessons in each day mind, body and spirit.

Mindbody Mastery Workout:  Get your head into a total body workout. Discover the power of intention, specificity, mantras, and visualization during a power-packed HIIT workout.


Be a Body Psychic: Build your intuition and learn how to scan your own body. Create your own mind body language and learn to interpret the messages your body has for you. Then utilize that information to empower your healing, wellness or fitness mind body practice. The companion Be A Body Psychic workbook can be purchased on this site.


Your Truth, Your Goals, Your Future: Use your mind and body to help you attain your vision for your life, career, and family. Learn how your movement patterns can predict the success of your future plans and how to use your mind and body to magnetize your future success!