Client Reviews

Personal Training

                                                Medallia Survey Review:

                                             Personal Training Services   10

                                             Friendly                                 10

                                             Overall Experience               10


"Nicole is wonderful! She addressed my goals and needs developing a plan specifically for me.  She represents what women are looking for.  Her background and many years of experience, gave me confidence that I am in good hands.  Nicole seems to embrace any and all that need her help, not just the people who are fit." – Cheryl C.


"I'm addicted to my workout!  Before it was one excuse after another....Nicole keeps me motivated and helps me stay positive!"  – Lisa K.


"Nicole Fevrier Davis has turned out to be my light in a seemingly dark tunnel.  She is kind yet firm and understanding and has a way of making me accept where I am, look forward to where I am going and has created a roadmap of just what I need to get there.  Thank You! For assigning me such a wonderful personal trainer! – Torri M.


"....On another note, as a certified hypnotist and certified bariatric hypnotist who specializes in pre and post surgical gastric bi-pass clients, I now know that I can and will feel confident referring my clients to Nicole as a way of completing their journey from morbid obesity to a state of physical strength and health."  – Elizabeth K.


"I signed up with Nicole in Spring of 2014 to train for my first triathlon after being sedentary for years. Nicole's training approach, motivational spirit and easy going persona are amazing attributes.  I heartily recommend her!"  – Robert V.


"She makes working out, dare I say, FUN!  I have been working out with Nicole for a few months now.  She did a great job training me for a triathlon recently.  She is a great listener, pushing and challenging me while not overdoing it and scaring me away."

– Sam Z.


"I have recently returned to working out again and was nervous about coming back to the gym.  Nicole has been fantastic!  She is motivating and I'm looking forward to getting results, I'm so confident in Nicole's guidance I'm positive I will achieve them!"  

– Melissa M.


"I've been training with Nicole, and I appreciate her patience and her directness...Her theories about mind-body connection are spot on, and I look forward to my sessions with her." – Kathy G. 

Reiki Sessions

"I can't remember, what made me reach out to her for my first Reiki session, but it was by far the most wonderful, body lifting, mind clearing thing I have ever done for myself. Working with Nicole is very important to me, not only because she can read my body needs, and my mind; but because she gets me as a whole..." – Stacey G.R.


"Nicole saw that my body aura was battered and bruised.  It was a difficult time for me.  She gave me peace and a level of comfort I had never experienced before.  I rose from the massage table feeling a sense of calm and such an incredible level of deep relaxation.  That night I slept like I had never slept before." – Hope L.