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Nicole Fevrier Davis

MindBody Mastery

Psychic Mind Body Fitness Expert

MindBody Mastery Studio on 10 Roberts Lane is permanently closed.

All services are available online via SKYPE, FT, FB video chat, or phone. I am available to train on site, in your home or office within a 15 mile radius of Ridgefield (additional travel fees apply and vary by location).


There is no need to stop working out, eating well or training your mind for success on a budget. My Healthy Mind, Healthy Body 21 Day Makeover is also available online at MindBodyMastery.com. You will have access to a progressive set of exercise videos, menu plans, meditations and inspirational visualizations. Please feel free to contact me via the contact form below, with any questions.

I would also like to encourage you to focus on how strong, beautiful, healthy and wise you are at this time. Sit in a quiet area and feel love, joy, peace and a clear sense that you are a powerful support network of all that is good and uplifting in the United States. Never underestimate your personal power at a time like this.

God Bless and Keep You 




The #PsychicTrainer


Body reading, personal training or Reiki.  In every case, Nicole adeptly and professionally combines the science of wellness with the language of our souls to attain successful outcomes.  Nicole's readings unlock body wisdom and speaks to her clients needs on several levels. The blending of the two worlds of physical science and spirituality is the core of Nicole's Mindbody Mastery philosophy.


Recent client reviews and comments: 


"Nicole, the "psychic trainer" is the trainer I've been working with She is awesome! And has really helped me a lot since I have been working with her since January. I have been doing workout sessions with her twice a week that are a mix of cardio/strength training, yoga, and pilates. I've lost 25 pounds in the process,.... Her initial assessment is amazing and profoundly accurate. The workouts with her have been the most targeted, and hardest workouts I have ever done. She works to create a connection between your spiritual, emotional and physical fitness. It's been pretty powerful."  Amy S.


"She is Excellent - I went to Nicole many years ago at an event at The Enchanted Realm in New Milford, CT - She was super accurate with the Reading - I lost 18 lbs after that to improve my health and overall Well-Being - Words cannot express how great she is!"   Jerry Bonvisuto 


"You were amazing!  Everything you said was spot on!" Deb S.

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